Dark Review On the Dark Knight


“Bats” at it again • New movie, The Batman, is out now at Kilgore theaters. Photo by Lou Carlisle

Lou Carlisle, Staff Writer

I’m secretly a big D.C. Comics fan. Name any superhero, and I will almost certainly be able to tell you their strengths and weaknesses. The concept of superheroes and villains is something I have always found entertaining, mainly because of my dad. He is a huge D.C. Comics fan, and throughout my childhood we watched the movies together.

His love for superheroes, in away, rubbed off on me.

Unless you’re living under a rock, The Batman movie came out on March 4.

Everyone was so excited to learn that the plot of the movie, which features Catwoman, follows the concept that Batman is finding himself and becoming someone new. Although he has experienced self growth, there are still moments when he is struck with the spontaneous urge to fight. This adds a thrill to the movie that many couldn’t wait to see. Another important thing to look at is who Batman was leading up to this movie.

In The Man of Steel and Justice League Batman was played by Ben Affleck, but he retired. For the new movie they hired Robert Pattinson, who is much younger.

The rest of the cast is extremely popular. There likely isn’t one person who chooses to watch the movie that wouldn’t be able to recognize at least one actor or actress. From John Turturro to Jayme Lawson, there is someone for everyone.

The new movie itself is nearly three hours long, with a total screen time of two hours and 56 minutes. There was a rounded $128.5 million debut at the North American box office this weekend. This movie has already become the best opening of 2022 thus far.

There is now even a comparison to the previous movies The Dark Knight and The Batman. Because of such a big movie being produced now, there are so many opinions going around online about the movie, many of which are negative.

One of the most popular things I’ve heard about the movie is that it is too much of a slow burn and the directing could’ve been a bit more creative than what was given.

Others have been saying the opposite, and think that it was a creative way to direct the movie an that the action in the movie was totally worth all of the hype.

Some critics have even gone as far as saying that this movie is barely a superhero movie, and it was the Bat’s “greatest sin.”

Another opinion given is that The Batman does the old tale a new justice.

With all the hype this movie has accumulated in the past few years, it was definitely not worth the wait. The movie was anticlimactic and disappointing to the average viewer.

The ratings the movie has earned online ratings of four or five stars, while the critics’ opinions have varied immensely.

There are many plots in the movie that are dead ends and just seem to be time-fillers to make the movie longer, which was extremely unnecessary.

The runtime of this movie makes it nearly impossible to sit through and watch in one sitting without having to use the bathroom in between scenes. There was no point in stuffing extra scenes that serve no purpose. It made the movie almost dreadful.

Ultimately, one’s opinion can only be drawn once they watch this movie and experience it for themselves.

All I can say is to not go in there with the high hopes of seeing what has been publicized to be so amazing for years.

Whatever your plan for the break, we think that seeing a movie with a friend in a recliner seat, eating movie popcorn with butter, and relaxing mid-semester is highly recommended.