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Five Nights at Freddy’s Movie Review

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  • Sophomore McKenna and 5th grader Brinley Mitchell pose in front of a poster for the FNAF Movie.

  • sophomore Breliegh Warlick looking at tickets for the FNAF Movie

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Finally, the wait is over. After 8 years since the first announcement of the movie, the Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF) Movie is here. FNAF is a point-and-click indie horror game series created by Texas native Scott Cawthon. The first game was released on August 8, 2014. The game took off on the internet thanks to Let’s Play videos from popular creators such as Markiplier, and wild yet interesting theory videos from Game Theory. The movie is rated PG-13.

The plot of the first game is for you, Mike Schmidt, to survive working from 12 AM to 6 AM in a failing Chuck E Cheese style restaurant. At first, all seems normal for your night as a security job, but when the animatronics start moving around and making their way to your office, you find that there is more to this restaurant than it seems. By looking at the newspaper clippings on the walls, you will read that five kids mysteriously disappeared in the restaurant, never to be seen again. The restaurant was closed for a short time due to the animatronics having a foul smell and a liquid oozing out. If you fail to keep Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie the bunny, Chica the chicken, and Foxy the pirate fox from entering your office, you will get jumpscared and you die.

The movie keeps the same style of the first game and adds its own spin. In the movie, Mike, played by Josh Hutcherson, is struggling to find a job after he assaults a man at his job working at a mall (he thought the man was trying to kidnap a little kid, turns out the guy was the little kid’s dad!). He is given an offer at the old and abandoned Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, which he at first declines because he can’t do nights. 

He is then seen talking to the counselor of his little sister, Abby’s, school, along with his aunt, and her lawyer, Doug. His aunt wants to take custody of Abby due to Mike being unfit to care for his little sister.(and she wants those sweet sweet custody checks) Mike moves from lousy job to lousy job, and gives into the offer from Freddy Fazbear’s because he needs money to care for Abby. 

We find out why Mike can’t exactly do nights during his first shift at Fazbear’s, when we see him playing soothing bird and forest sounds every night, staring at a poster of a forest. We look into his dream; he is taken to a campsite, where a family is about to be eating lunch. We find that there is a kid sitting on a table, young Mike, watching over his little brother Garrett. When young Mike looks away and looks back, Garrett is gone and in a random person’s car. He’s been kidnapped! This is when Mike comes in, running after the car in an attempt to save his brother. Turns out, 5 kids were watching his dream, and when Mike tried to question them, they ran away. 

Once Mike’s shift is over, he returns home to his sister Abby, and her babysitter, Max. Max leaves once Mike comes back. We are then taken to a diner, where Max, her older brother Jeff, Aunt Jane, and Doug. They’re planning on destroying Freddy’s and blaming it on Mike! Doing this would leave Mike unemployed (again), giving him no other choice but to hand Abby over to Aunt Jane. 

Remember how I mentioned Game Theory at the start of this review? Well, he makes an appearance in the movie! Mathew Patrick, also known to his fans as Matpat, stars as the waiter of this diner, Sparky’s. (a reference to a made-up animatronic that fans created shortly after the first game came out) Sadly, none of the four wanted lunch, except Doug, who didn’t get his lunch…AND Matpat makes a reference to his popular saying, “But that’s just a theory, a Game Theory!!” by saying, “Some people say that, but it’s just a theory,” in response to Jeff asking a question about breakfast being the most important meal of the day. 

When looking at the body language of Max during this plan to ruin Mike’s life, you’ll notice her unease, as if she doesn’t want to do this. Then, during Mike’s shift, he meets Officer Vanessa, a police officer who gives him the rundown of the history of the restaurant. It’s the exact same as the 1st game!

Later after Mike’s shift, Max and Jeff are joined by Hank and Carl to destroy as much as they can. In the midst of the destruction, Freddy and the gang become active, aggravated by this. They go and they kill all four of them, in many, many gruesome ways. When Max fails to pick up the phone when Mike calls (she’s dead duh), Mike has no other choice but to bring Abby. 

Inside the office, Abby has her little fort built so she can sleep (Mike told her that all she can do is sleep, and not leave the room). When Abby hears whispers coming from outside the office, she can’t help but go see what’s happened. When Mike wakes up from his continuous dream, he finds that Abby is gone!! He checks and finds Abby and Vanessa playing with the animatronics. Mike is hesitant, but joins. 

Sometime after the playing, Abby strings Bonnie’s guitar and passes out from the electricity. Shocked and angry, Mike comes back to Freddy’s later that morning, getting Jane to babysit, to confront the five kids who show up in his dreams (they are the kids who are trapped in he animatronics), they give him a deal: give up Abby and be with Garett forever. When he accepts, but then changes his mind, Foxy attacks him and he wakes up inside of a torture device!! He is able to escape, but while that is happening, an old Fredbear (also known as Golden Freddy), springlock animatronic, kills Jane and takes Abby to the restaurant. 

Vanessa treats Mike’s injuries and reveals that she is the daughter of the man who killed those five kids, and Garett, William Afton. We then are taken to Mike trying to defeat the animatronics, because they’re trying to kill Abby. The animatronics are reactivated by Afton, who arrives in the Spring Bonnie springlock suit.

In order to influence the animatronics to see Afton as the bad guy, Abby draws Afton in the springlock suit, and Afton tries to kill her before she turns them against him. Vanessa stops him, but at the cost of being stabbed. Abby successfully draws the picture, and Mr. Cupcake (Chica;s cupcake) bites Afton, making the spring lock mechanisms inside the suit go off, causing him to be in immense pain. He is then dragged into a backroom to rot.

The movie ends with Mike and Abby visiting the hospital to check on Vanessa. 

Overall, I rate this movie a 10/10. I may be very biased towards this movie, considering how long I’ve been a FNAF fan, but anyone who’s seen this movie knows how good it is. But that’s just a theory…A GAME THEORY…. Thanks for reading!!

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