Monster High: The Sad Decline


Sophomore Paten Diggs has a trip back to her childhood while watching Monster High. Photo by Leslie Smith.

First introduced in 2010 by Mattel, the series and doll line of Monster High took many people’s hearts. It features a group of “ghoulfriends” and their journey through high school. At its peak, Monster High was worth around one billion dollars. 

The franchise ran strong for a few years, but sales eventually decreased. Mattel did a reboot back in 2016, which was mostly a flop. Fans didn’t enjoy the dolls’ new looks as much as the old ones. The 2016 redesign made the dolls more kid-friendly making older fans upset. Monster High is directed toward kids, but part of its fanbase holds an older audience. With this information, a lot of the doll sales came from young adults and older adults. 

Mattel decided to release another reboot in late 2022 with new character designs, a live-action movie, and a new cartoon with a completely different style. There were mixed feelings about the reboot. The same joy people had in 2012-13 just can’t be brought back so easily.