Taking the test

Should you consider taking the SAT and ACT?


As juniors and seniors prepare to head to college, the question on whether or not to take standardized tests is heavily debated. With COVID-19, many universities have decided to wave the test requirement, making admission a wholistic review. With that being said, many seniors have opted to not take the ACT or SAT, but will this decision prove to be beneficial.

Despite schools not requiring test scores, many still suggest taking the tests and sending your scores. In the state of Texas, students in the top 10% of their class have an automatic acceptance to any school in Texas. If students are out of this top 10% however, their acceptance into a school is based off of their application and is more heavily reviewed. Test scores will help students be accepted into these schools. Also, if a student chooses to go to an out-of-state university, these schools may require extra from out-of-state students to be accepted.

As students apply for scholarships they may run across scholarships that require tests scores to be sent in for consideration. If students are lacking these scores, their applications will like not be considered because the applicant didn’t provide all required materials. Even if a scholarship only suggests sending in test scores, it is best for students to do so for extra consideration. Having test scores at all during this time puts some applicants ahead of others for scholarship consideration. It is valuable to take these tests to avoid being passed up for scholarship consideration.

While taking the ACT and SAT is not required this year, in future years schools may begin to require those scores again. Juniors should consider taking these tests considering their future admissions.

Taking these standardized tests is of course up to one’s own choosing, but having test scores truly will set you up for success. The tests may be hard and costly but getting accepted into the university of your choosing and receiving scholarships to make college cheaper will make the struggle worth it.