EASY ATTIRE: Benefits of School Uniforms


“Uniforms are not it!”• Kenneth Exline in a red uniform shirt and khakis is pictured with Emma Kate Bailey in her everyday clothes. Photo by Lou Carlisle.

Not getting to wear what you want and having to wear the same thing every day of the week is not what is called ‘fashion’ nowadays. Despite the fact that people may not like uniforms, they are better for the school.

If schools enforced uniforms, there wouldn’t be so many worries about a dress code. Wearing a uniform wouldn’t be much of a hassle in the morning, and, plus, you wouldn’t have to worry about teachers dress coding you because you’re in school dress code.

Only 20 percent of schools enforce uniforms, but Texas does not define school uniforms. That means very few schools in the state enforce uniforms.

Uniforms are not as bad as you think. They can help students focus on their education and not on their clothes. In uniforms, clothes are the same. You will hopefully never have a ‘bad dress’ day. Uniforms can reduce peer pressure and bullying because everyone is wearing the same thing. No one is going to be pressured regarding what they’re ‘supposed’ to wear to be in style.

Uniforms can bring unity, school spirit, and it could give students something NOT to worry about. Enforcing uniforms is the best idea. There are so many good benefits that come out of it, and it’s just plain simple.

But so many digress and reject even the idea, believing that schools should not enforce uniforms.

“Yes it would be easier for students to find outfits but it would cause a lot of stress on the students that can’t get their clothes washed every week,” Matthew Hardy said.

In this case it could be understood that some people can’t always wash clothes right away but hopefully the uniforms will be affordable, so students could have more than one uniform to wear so students won’t have to worry about washing until the end of the week.

“I disagree with uniforms. We should be able to wear what we want as long as it meets dress code requirements,” Rylee Moore said.

On the side opposing with Rylee, there will be someone who breaks dress code at every school. Wearing uniforms are more simple and it makes more sense.

“I think dress codes are needed, because some people would take advantage of having none, but I do think students should have the right to wear things they enjoy wearing,” Shelbie Bailey said.

Students don’t understand the straightforward and more manageable way of school. Students are already tired of going to school and all the work. Add to that worrying about what to wear and feeling unprepared to fit in with fashion. It is a stress that doesn’t need to happen.

By wearing uniforms, students are just wearing the same color clothes for a week then whatever you want to wear during the weekends. There are other area schools where uniforms work well.

Students just don’t like the idea of not wearing what they want to wear. Agreeing or not, there are many beneficial reasons as to why schools should embrace and require uniforms. I hope that our administration will consider these decisions carefully and get input from students and parents. Worrying about dress code is not why we are here. We are bombarded by lots of stress as teenagers, and it would be nice to wake up and just come learn and not think about what to wear to do so.