Five tips on improving grades


Checking google classroom daily will help you stay caught up on assignments.

When the class rankings came out, you may have not gotten the ranking you wanted. In order to get a higher class ranking, you need to get higher grades. Here are five ways to improve your grades.

  1. Paying attention

Paying attention in class is important when it comes to improving grades. If you don’t pay attention, you won’t be able to understand what is being taught. This can make assignments hard and confusing. Therefore, paying attention will help you get better grades not only on your assignments, but also on your report card.

     2. Turning in your work on time

Turning in your work on time also contributes to improving your grades. If you don’t turn in your work by the due date, points will be deducted. For honors classes, no late work is accepted. If you have a lot of late assignments, it can hurt your class average. 

     3. Studying

Tests and other major assignments count as a large majority of your grades, so studying is important. By doing well on a test, you can really improve your grades, but in order to do so you need to study. Although studying for a test seems time consuming and boring, it all depends on the way you study. Instead of spending hours studying for a test the night before, you can study little by little everyday. You can also play music or chew gum to make studying easier.

     4. Asking for help

If you are struggling with a certain subject you can ask your teacher for help. You can also attend tutorials or go to the library after school for help. Asking for help will really make the subject easier to understand and less confusing.

     5. Believing in yourself

If you believe in yourself and put an effort into improving your grades, you will be able to reach your goal. You need to be willing to study and work hard. This self-motivation will really make a difference.