“A sweet treat.” • A few different flavors available at Brookshires. Photo by Leslie Smith.

Well, it might not be considered a healthy breakfast of champions, but it is the one that most teenagers love to eat. Pop-Tarts are a well- loved breakfast by many. They are also small and quick to grab making them a good snack that won’t ruin supper. The convenience of being able to grab them out of the cabinet and chowing down right away makes things quicker and easier. The bright colors make them more appealing than a boring bagel and being able to zap them in the microwave or toss them into the freezer for a few seconds gives options of how they can be eaten.

Since there are so many different Pop-Tart flavors, people have different opinions on each flavor. For instance, some people favor the Brown Sugar Cinnamon flavor over the Cherry.

“I prefer brown sugar cinnamon, as it is very calming to eat in the morning, and I see Pop-Tarts as a morning snack, and cherry Pop- Tarts are a bit too out there, and they taste weird,” sophomore Linda Martinez said.

Adding on to the fact that there are so many flavors, some of them may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but they really just ended up being a terrible idea. Take the Frosted Maple flavor as an example. It sounds good, but it’s actually pretty wack.

“It looks nice and like it would taste good but just tastes weird and leaves your mouth with a sort of aftertaste,” Martinez said. “It makes you feel like you are breathing frosted maple fire. Also, it smelled a bit like curry when I first smelled it.”

Some flavors get slept on. It may be because they look or sound gross, or it may be that they just don’t get enough recognition.

“I think that Cookies and Cream is very underrated. It’s actually really good, but many people don’t want to try it,” sophomore Paten Diggs said.

Or some people may think that Strawberry is underrated since it’s one of the original flavors meaning they might think it’s basic.

“Everyone thinks strawberry is basic because its one of the common flavors but strawberry to me actually taste like strawberries,” sophomore Lainy Bodine said. “It makes me do a little dancey dance.”

Nasty and weird flavors seem to be a reocurring thing with Pop- Tarts since there are a lot of flavors that people don’t like. Thinking about this, maybe Pop-tarts needs to stick to more basic ones.

“At first I would have gone with peach cobbler, but then remembered about frosted chocolate chip, although frosted chocolate chip is good, it is a bit too dry and makes you feel a bit sappy,” Martinez said. “Plus I almost choked on a frosted chocolate chip Pop-tart when I was younger and is the reason why I barely eat them anymore.”

In conclusion to all of this, Pop- tarts are definitely a good breakfast or snack choice, but the company should steer away from making certain flavors. Just because someone can dream it up doesn’t mean that people want to eat it. Part of the reason that Pop-tarts are popular with teenagers is that they are familiar. With everyone and everything changing around us during our adolesence, it is nice to have something from childhood to hang on to. Pop-Tarts are going to stay in my pantry no matter what age I am. Pick a flavor and party on, people.