One Word Worth Change


Worthwhile words • Sophomores Maggie Quine’s word of the year is “OVERCOME.” Photo by Lou Carlisle

One objective is usually on the minds of people who want to make a change for the new year whether they want to change themselves or a habit of theirs.

I have always found it helpful to select a key word for my goal or objective. I have a word for this year: forgiveness. Many people need forgiveness in their life. It certainly helps me to forgive and not hold grudges.

Living the one word philosophy means all year you attempt to live by that word. It can change your outlook on your day to day life, and it can change how the people around you see you as well. Words can have such an impact on people. I’ve seen it happen.

It’s honestly a cool thing to see and some people’s words have changed me. Forgiveness, for example. I’m actually focusing on forgiveness, and it’s been the best. You don’t deal with a whole bunch of people talking about drama, and it allows me to focus on me and on my school work.

People have different feelings when it comes to the words that they decide to choose in the One Word philosophy. Your word could be something simple like “patient” or “kind,” but for some, a phrase like “let go” or “be better” has a more powerful effect.

It can be a great challenge to stick to your chosen word, but it is not impossible. Setting small reminders or even repeating small affirmations can aid you sticking to your goal.

I know some of my closest friends who are doing the same who are trying to carry out their goal. Some of their words are “changed” and “faithful.”

What you say sticks with people, and that’s a fact. One word can have such a huge impact on someone’s year or day. I mean, I know this happens to some people because I’ve seen people completely turn around their attitudes based on something said.

I think that our goal should always be to build the people around us up, and the best way to start doing that is to be a forgiving person.

An interview with sophomore Maggie Quine reveals her word and her reasons for choosing it.

“My word is “overcome” because I want to overcome the things I go through in life and all the struggle I have,” Quine said. “I want to power through them.”

We all have words that are meaningful to us. People can often use the same word as you but with different meaning or connotation. It is important to keep your word and objective in mind all year. It can become very easy to lose sight.

“I have to remind myself in situations that I can overcome something when I’m struggling or having a hard time,” Quine said.

Although they can seem insignificant, words and ideas have the power to soothe, encourage, and make us push ourselves into reaching our full potential.

A word can be a source of comfort and a catalyst for change in our lives. People setting goals with words are slowly changing the world and what is being put out into the world.