Tussling Trends: Stanley Cups VS. Hydro Flasks

“Where’s my stanley?”•
Junior Brooklyn Wilkerson holds and a Hydro Flask while sophomore Maleah Thurmond holds a Stanley Cup. Photo by Lou Carlisle.

“Where’s my stanley?”• Junior Brooklyn Wilkerson holds and a Hydro Flask while sophomore Maleah Thurmond holds a Stanley Cup. Photo by Lou Carlisle.

Are Stanley cups the new Hydro Flasks? Has Stanley outgrown the popularity of Hydro flasks? This year, Stanley Cups suddenly showed an appearance on Tik Tok. Their unique and cute look caught people’s eyes. Almost the whole internet was popping up with Stanley cups.

But who remembers Hydro Flasks when they were first popular – they came in all different sizes and styles? Stanley cups have overcome the Hydro Flask.

Some people try to keep up with the latest trend.

“They are both great but if you are staying up with the latest trend then definitely the Stanley,” Maleah Thurmond said. “Stanley cups are likable because of how popular they got and for some how they have handles and can fit into cupholders. They are very easy to carry around due to their handle and they are made to fit in every cup holder, also for their array of fun colors. The Stanley cup definitely makes it fun to stay hydrated.”

It can be very useful fitting into every cup holder and not falling everywhere. But, is it worth it to invest?

With all the influencers buying Stanleys and making younger people buy them, they are hard to find. These Stanley cups can be up to $60 to buy from online stores since Target is always running out. They are usable, and compared to standard cups, they are incredibly easy to put in places and cup holders.

Their handles help a lot to carry around and hold and their brilliantly wide straw can keep you hydrated. You take more sips every day from drinking it, also helps people who struggle staying hydrated. They are easy to wash and can fit in your dishwasher which won’t take a lot of space.

Ever since Stanley Cups took over, Hydro Flasks have been left in the dust. Hydro Flasks were the biggest trend before Stanley cups; almost everyone had one. They came in all different sizes and looks.

Hydro flasks are very cute. The latest Hydro Flask was the one with its own straw that flips up and down so no messes can be made. They have a little carrier on top of the lid to carry them. A vacuum sealed wide range cups keeps

your drink nice and cold for hot temperatures and that’s what makes them the best summer outside drinks.

“Hydro flasks are better because they can go through all conditions whether it’s sports or just doing regular activities,” junior Brooklyn Wilkerson said. “Stanleys are made with straws so it’s not convenient in sports. They could tip over and spill all your water. Although they have the same purpose, hydro are more efficient for everyday purposes, especially for sport activities.”

Hydro can withstand the outside and since summer is coming up might will lead us to which is
better to use for outside purposes? Hydro flasks are useful but having handles on the lids can be not useful because many times the lid unscrews and makes a mess and bottles don’t fit in the cup holders which can be a risk of a big mess.

When it comes to choosing between Hydro flasks and Stanley Cups, it is a personal decision, bu clear to me that Stanleys are more useful.