The truth about your skin

Carlie Massey, Editor in Chief

1. Certain face products

Washing your face and over exfoliating can damage your skin. Exfoliants should only be used one or two times a week. Makeup wipes can also be criminals, too. Most makeup wipes contain chemicals such as formaldehyde-releasing preservatives which stay on your skin. For the most part these preservatives cannot damage your skin too an extreme, but it can cause an allergic reaction for some people.

2. Coffee

Coffee is a drink called a ‘natural diuretic.’ This means that if you do not drink water afterwards, is could potentially cause dehydration. Basically, it makes you thirsty. Dehydration can damage the skin and cause breakouts. Additionally, creamers and sugar added to coffee is bad for your skin. Substances such as milk and creamer contain hormones that can cause inflammation and acne. Sugar also breaks down collagen in a process called glycation. This causes the aging process to speed up.

3. Dirty sheets and pillowcases

When you don’t wash your pillowcases or sheets, your skin will suffer. Skin cells that fall off of you and your scalp at night build up every night until you wash your sheets. This buildup leads to breakouts. It is very important to wash your sheets once a week and shower every night.

4. Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser

The back of the Cetaphil cleanser states that there are only eight ingredients inside – water, cetyl alcohol, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, stearyl alcohol, methylparaben, propylparaben, and butylparaben. That sounds awesome, right? Only eight ingredients. However, three of these ingredients are ‘potentially-carcinogenic parabens,’ which means They are found to disrupt hormones and are found in makeup, moisturizers, lotions, facial washes, and more. Five of these are in the ‘Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen List’ of possible skin disruptors. This product is meant to be gentle, but the ingredients are found to be anything but that.

5. Exercise is necessary

When you exercise regularly, your body and easily get all of the toxins out of your face and body. This helps you look younger by boosting collagen production.

6. Tight skin does not equal clean skin

Do you know that feeling after you have washed your face too many times, or left the cleanser on for too long and your skin could barely move afterwards? Did you pat yourself on the back and think ‘my skin is so perfect right now,’ or did you think ‘dry skin does not equal perfect skin’? The latter is the right answer. Tight, dry skin means that you have stripped your skin of oils that you need in order to take care of your face properly.

7. Dirty sunglasses

Dirty glasses can transfer bacteria throughout the nose and cheek region, causing breakouts. Clean the frames of your sunglasses regularly with water, soap, and a soft rag. Always be sure to clean the nose pads and earpieces.