Hangout Fest



The sun goes down at Hangout Fest.

       As summer is rising we are all ready for our vacations, and mine came a little early. I spent a 3-day weekend at a music festival called “Hangout Fest” in Alabama.

     “I would’ve really wanted to go to see SZA,” Melody San Juan said.  

          The first day we got there we had a whole free day ahead of us. There are so many things to do in Alabama. We walked through the store by the beach, went Go Kart racing, and to end the day we went to the beach to watch the sunset. 

          “Alabama sunsets are always the prettiest,” Emily Zuniga said.   

         After watching the sunset we decided to go for a night swim at the beach, which was never scary, I’m not gonna lie. 

          Next day was Friday which was day 1 of our festival. The highlights of that day had to be watching Russ live and being at the very front. 

         “RUSS WILL FOREVER BE MY FAVORITE ARTIST; he’s so relatable,” senior Danna Requena said. 

          However, being out all day in the sun took a huge toll on me. By the end of the night, I looked like Rudolph, with a bright red nose.

          The next day was Day 2 which had to be the best. I saw lots of my favorite artists. The first ones were John Summit, Flume, Paramore, and then to end off the night, I saw SZA. 

            “Paramore will forever be at the top of my list to see live. My favorite song is “Ain’t it fun,” Adriana Luna said. 

            At the end of the night, we got back to the hotel, and we were finally able to relax after walking all day long and being burned by the sun. 

            “I’m so excited for summer to finally get tan but not look like a little tomato,” Breanna West said. 

             Then lastly was day 3. Everyone on the trip was exhausted, but we woke up super early to watch sun rise on the beach. We brought out some fruits and all just to enjoy the last day there in Alabama. 

        We ended up jet skiing in Florida and going out to eat then we headed back to the festival in the evening to see THE Calvin Harris. He was most definitely on my bucket list, and I was so blessed to get to experience it. Listening to him live was so unreal, everything about it was so amazing. 

        “Calvin is LITERALLY summer vibes,” Lou Carlisle said. 

        I would most definitely recommend Hangout fest to any high schooler who loves music.