Stirring the pot

2021 Chili Cook-Off results


Kylee Lakey

Senior Riley Rios, sophomore Hailey Posey, and 5th grader Chase Foster with their trophies.

Rachel Niemeyer, Junior Editor

Last Monday, The KHS FFA Organization hosted the 18th annual Chili Cook-Off. Groups’ chilis were hotly contested. The overall Chili Cook-Off winner was the group of FFA members senior Riley Rios, sophomore Hailey Posey, and Junior FFA member, Chase Foster (age 11, 5th grade). 

“The Chili Cook-Off is such a fun thing that I’m thankful to be a part of,” said senior FFA President and member of the overall winning group Riley Rios. “My team and I worked really hard so we were so excited to have won.” 

The Cook-Off had a great turnout as students, teachers, and community members gathered for chili-tasting and the silent cake auction. 

“I believe community involvement is important in events because it enables people to experience things that they might not have ever experienced had they not gone,” said junior participant Grayson Cavel. 

Proceeds went to the FFA Organization in contribution to expenses and future projects.  

“Many participated in the fundraising event we had which was a baked goods silent auction,” said senior and FFA Officer Zachary Riggs. “Knowing that the community will help FFA through a small event like this gives us hope for the years to come,” he said.