A Time to Dance

StuCo, NHS sponsor Homecoming


Smile and dance • Students enjoy their time at the homecoming dance. Pictured is freshmen Kaitlyn Tryon, Phenix Rivers, Shelby Shelton, & Emma Propes. Photo by Amy Bates.

Lizett Garcia, Staff Writer

The Student Council and National Honor Society (NHS) hosted the events of Homecoming along with a Dance… the first dance of the year and the only dance available for all KHS students to purchase tickets.

In the past, KHS had an annual homecoming dance, but then the school stopped. This was the first homecoming dance to happen at KHS in many years.

“The school had stopped doing an annual homecoming dance because attendance was low and the funds made from the dance ticket sales were not enough to pay the DJ,” dance teacher and former student council sponsor Christie Carter said.

However, the homecoming dance has come back with the help of  Tritt, Nash, Offerding, and Tucker.

“The idea for the homecoming dance wasn’t mine, rather Mrs. Tritt’s. Once I came on board [as Student Council Co-Advisor], I was excited to learn we were hosting one for the first time in many years,” homecoming dance sponsor Amye Tucker said.

The idea of bringing back the annual homecoming dance to KHS was supported by many students, teachers, and KHS principal April Cox.

“Mrs. Cox is 100% in support of all things school spirit, so allowing us the freedom and opportunity to enhance that culture around KHS is something for which we are so grateful,” Tucker said.

Some of the earliest planning phases for the dance started during the springtime.

“Since homecoming is the third full week of school, we had to start early,” student council sponsor Johna Tritt said.

During the summer, the Texan Theater and the DJ were booked. Then Tritt and Tucker began to discuss the details of the dance, such as the decor. The Homecoming Roadtrip theme was also developed during this time.

“We were able to re-use the backdrops we set up during the homecoming week school days to create a fun, inviting atmosphere at the dance,” Tucker said. “These photo ops were perfect for our social media-loving student body.”

One of the challenges faced with planning the homecoming dance was time.

“Because we haven’t been in school long, getting everything organized in the first few weeks of school was tough,”  Tritt said.

The Homecoming Dance was sponsored by the National Honor Society (NHS) and the Student Council. Tickets to the dance, which cost 15 dollars each, also helped offset the cost of the dance.

“I so enjoyed selling the tickets to the students, because I was able to see the excitement that was building during the week prior to the dance,” Tucker said.

Although planning the dance took several months and had some challenges, it all paid off. The homecoming dance was hosted on Saturday, Sept. 1 and was largely enjoyed by the student body.

“From start to finish, the entire night went as planned,” Tucker said. “Of course, being at the dance, and seeing all the students dressed up was a bonus! They looked so great; it was wonderful seeing them in that environment.”