How to stay busy during quarantine

5 things you can do to pass the time at home


This was a Zoom chat between Yearbook and Newspaper editors and our advisor Mrs. Bates. You can start on of these calls and send the link to your friends.

Olivia Arp, Managing Editor

 Yes, being at home can be boring, but throw in a mandatory shelter-in-place and it can be even more boring. Sure, students have school work to do but what do you do when your schoolwork is finished? This extra time can really bring you down, but if you stay busy, it can be kind of fun. Here are five ways to stay busy during the 2020 cornocation.


1. Organize something in your room

Simply placing things in baskets and clearing away trash can make things like shelves seem very organized.

Taking on your whole room can be a hassle but doing small parts of your room can keep you focused and allow you to feel accomplished. For example, if you have a cluttered bookshelf or cluttered shelves, start organizing them! Throw away the trash, sort books, add some picture frames and decorate with lights or candles.


2. Paint a picture or two

Painting can be a great stress reliever. Even if you’re not the next Vincent van Gogh, you can pick up a brush and copy an image from Google or freestyle something just for you! Work with paints you already have and follow a YouTube video to make your masterpiece. You can use this link for inspiration or for following step by step instructions for painting.

This is a painting done based on the given website’s instructions! It was super easy and fun to do.

3. Clean out your closet

Everyone has extra articles of clothing in their closet that they either don’t or can’t wear anymore. Go through your closet and try to find these items. If you find new or gently used items, go to Plato’s Closet! Plato’s takes your gently used or new clothes and shoes that are in right now and gives you cash. If you simply want to get rid of your old clothes, donate them to places such as Goodwill where people can buy them. 


4. Read! It might seem boring but just try it.

Even though reading might not be the most desirable option on this list, it’s a great way to pass time. Reading will also help you work your brain during the time off of school. Reading will build your vocabulary, broaden your mind, increase your concentration, and multiple other things. If you’re not a big reader but enjoy Netflix movies and shows based on books, I recommend reading books that align with those Netflix series. Books such as “All the Bright Places”, “Lost Girls”, “Dear John”, the “Lord of the Rings” series, and a multitude of others have movies on Netflix. 

These books all have movies based on them! If you’ve seen the movie try reading the book and comparing the two.

5. Video chat with your friends

It’s hard to be without your friends during this time but to keep yourself and others healthy, it’s best to practice social distancing. Hanging out with friends does not necessarily work with social distancing so, in order to get your fill of social interaction, video chat your friends. Use Zoom, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, and other video communication apps and sites to call and see your friends. Seeing and talking to your friends will keep you happy and plenty busy.