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KHS Gets New Dresscode!

Sophomore Symphony Forbus shows off the nose ring that she’s allowed to wear now.

Since our new principal, Mr. Camp, has arrived at our school, many changes have been made to what’s expected of the students and staff. This is especially true for the dress code.

As of this school year, students are allowed to wear a nose ring on one side of the nostril, dye their hair any color, and wear shorts that are 5 inches above the knee, instead of 3. They are also no longer allowed to have holes above the knee when wearing jeans.

“These changes were made because too many students were losing class time. I would rather have a student in class learning, than sitting in ISS or having to go home because they violated the dress code for something that’s not gonna keep other students from learning,” Mr. Camp said.

Many students are excited about these changes.

“When I first heard about the new dress code I was happy because it isn’t as strict, and it’s more understanding for our age group,” sophomore Symphony Forbus said.

While many teachers and students are content with the new freedoms they’ve been given due to this dress code change, others are more focused on what still needs improvement. 

“I think it works better than the years before, but there’s still stuff that could change for the better,” sophomore Lydia Witherspoon said.

Many students are questioning whether the decision to ban wearing jeans with holes above the knees was fair or not.

“The hardest part about the new dress code is finding clothes that fit it, especially jeans. We can wear shorts five inches above the knee, but we can’t wear jeans with holes five inches above the knee,” freshman Abigail Watley said.

In conclusion, it is unavoidable for there to be conflicting opinions on how well the dress code works, but with open communication, students and staff can work together over the years to find a compromise that works for everyone. 

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