The truth about balancing school & work


Team members Rachel Niemeyer and Sydney Roebuck smile for a picture at Kilgore Chick-fil-A. Courtesy photo by Kilgore Chick-fil-A.

            A school and work life balance is very important for students to maintain in order for them to live a happy and stress-free life. Although the majority of students choose to stay focused on academics, many choose to get a job for different reasons. 

           “I like having my own money to spend on things I want,” sophomore Chelsi Rocha said. “It feels like an accomplishment to be able to maintain good grades in school on top of having a job.”

           Many think having school and then work right after gets very stressful. It’s only like that if you let it get stressful. Everything depends on how you manage your life and figuring out what works for you. 

           “It was a scary thought of getting a job and still having track practice going on at the time,” sophomore Sage Scudday said. “I thought I wouldn’t have enough time to spend with friends out of school but it’s all really about managing time.” 

           I’ve personally learned that time management is a key element to having a successful academic and professional life. It’s an essential skill that will help you concentrate on what is most important. 

         “Planning my schedule for the week is probably the one thing that helps me stay on top of my grades,” sophomore Sandy Rodriguez said. 

         Sometimes going straight to work after school and then doing homework as soon as you get home can get very stressful. There’s plenty of ways that can relieve any stress you are dealing with. 

         “My favorite thing to do whenever I’m feeling stressed is to pamper myself,” Rocha said. “Something as small as going to get my nails done makes me feel a lot better and just helps me relax.”

         Your physical and emotional wealth also play an important factor in your personal success. Knowing how to make time for yourself and spending time with friends and family is very important. 

         “I always make sure I have at least one day a week where I can either just relax or go to hangout with my friends,” junior Marie Rodriguez said. 

          Rewarding yourself is something that you should do once in a while as well. Have some fun. Make sure to make time to enjoy friends and family. You’ll be glad you did it in the long term.