Construction Corner


Continuous Construction ● Some of the various construction vehicles that have been working continuously to begin building the new KHS. Photo by Lizett Garcia.

Following the conclusion of the Groundbreaking Ceremony that took place in December, we have begun to see some major changes on the construction site of the new KHS. From the track, to the soccer fields, to the ground that will serve as the new school’s foundation, we are constantly watching a new chapter of KHS history come to life. Below is an interview with principal April Cox regarding the progress and the construction that will take place in the next few months.

Q: Have there been any major changes or excitement in the community following the Groundbreaking Ceremony?

A: I think the changes are visible. We had the Groundbreaking Ceremony before Christmas break and when we came back the soccer fields became piles of dirt, the construction fences were up, and we had a great blank slate for construction to begin. We’re hoping the track and soccer fields will be complete soon. The tennis courts are complete and students are playing on them. Right now we are getting the ground ready for the next steps in construction.

Q: What areas of our current high school will be included in the new high school?

A: The new gym will become the old gym. We will also keep the freshman wing. We don’t have plans for what that will become but it will remain along with the AG building which might possibly be repurposed.

Q: Are there any student/ teacher recommendations that will be featured in the new building?

A: Teachers, students, community members, and stakeholders were all involved as a critical part of the process. We put in recommendations for classroom spaces, security features, and also created collaborative learning spaces. Several voices went into recommendations and you can see that those pieces were added in what will be the new KHS. The voices of the students and staff were allowed, we heard them, and there is no doubt that they will be included. Every department was able to put in their wishes or needs.

Q: Are there any plans for the auditorium at the new high school?

A: We have a beautiful auditorium planned that will be able to showcase concerts and performances. It is two stories and will be able to seat way more people than our current auditorium: up to 1,200 people. It should also be able to house the majority of the student body. There will be a black box, dressing rooms, makeup areas, and room to store props.

Q: Will there be any new visible additions/changes to the construction site in the upcoming months?

A: Every week we should see visible changes. Some will happen quicker than others depending on what will happen. By summer, the construction site should have a whole different look.