January Employee of the Month

La’Tamera Fry

Carlos Ortiz, Staff Writer

The January Employee of the Month was La’Tamera Fry. She teaches Anatomy Honors, Sports Medicine, and is the head girls athletic trainer. She always works with humility in her step.

“I just do my job to the best of my abilities and stay out of trouble in the process,” Coach Fry said.

Coach Fry grew up in Mansfield, Texas and graduated from Mansfield High School. Fry earned her bachelor of science degree from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor and her masters from UT Tyler.

“My most influential teacher was Dr. Burken, the program director at the University of Mary Hardin- Baylor,” Fry said. “She was the first person to take the time out to actually teach me how to study to fit my learning style.”

Coach Fry has earned her B.S. in Athletic Training and her M.E.D. in Health and Kinesiology, the scientific study of human body movement.

“The class that taught me the most (in college) was Global Epidemiology,” Fry said. “It taught me about different practices and conditions on a global scale. It helps to look outside of our own little worlds.”

Coach Fry was an athletic trainer for football, basketball, and track for all four years during her high school years. She was also in the band her freshman year as a clarinet player. She played softball pitcher, right field, and shortstop during her freshman and sophomore years.

As a KHS employee, she likes to be involved in a variety of school- related activities such as sports and the Fun Runs.

“I enjoy athletics, but I really enjoy the Style Show,” Fry said. “I enjoy seeing the students all dressed up and seeing some of our more hidden jewels in the talent show that may otherwise go unnoticed.”

Coach Fry is most proud of all of the relationships with her coworkers and students that she has formed over the years. The person who gave Coach Fry the biggest impact at KHS is assistant principal Timothy Banks.

“Mr. Banks has been looking out for me since I met him,” Fry said. “He gives me advice, he is always checking on my parents, and he has always encouraged me to go past what I think I am capable of. Plus, he never forgets my birthday! I am very grateful for him.”

Coach Fry’s mother, Patricia Fry, is the reason why Coach Fry loves athletic training so much. And, she considers La’Toya Hollins, her sister, to be her best friend.

“My sister is an awesome human being,” Fry said. “She calls me on my stuff when I’m being extra, and she inspires me to be better. She is my personal hype woman. My mother is my bestie; she has always supported me. She never hesitates to correct me when I am wrong and challenges me to be better when she knows I could do more.”

Coach Fry grew up in a Christian family that went to church, but never took it seriously until 2012, when she was depressed. Once she accepted Christ as her savior, she has tried to become a positive icon for her peers. Her greatest accomplishment was deciding to truly follow Jesus Christ.

“I knew my relationship with Christ wasn’t where it needed to be at the time,” Fry said. “I was dealing with a lot of emotional issues, so I knew I needed him more than ever.”

When Fry has spare time, she likes to catch up on sleeping, cooking, reading, and creating objects like lotion, hair products, and natural skin care products.

“I’ve always wanted to demo a house,” Fry said. “I think it’s just fun to tear up stuff. I’ve watched a lot of HGTV in college, and I have always wanted to try it.”