Realistic Impact

English class works on project


Junior Adri Luna holds project for junior Seleste Romero’s presentation.

Ali Dunn, Staff Writer

Candice Fouse teaches English II and III to her sophomore and junior students and they recently finished an Annotated Bibliography project. Over the past week, both grades have been working every day by slowly building up their projects and learning what an annotated bibliography is and how to actually create one correctly. 

First, the students got their topic which was to research the impact of realism in either economics, artistic, literary, production/industry, or socially and to create a presentation that explains how this has influenced society throughout the years. 

Students had many ideas to choose from in accordance with what kind of presentation they wanted to do: write a song/rap, make a collage, a commercial, write a poem, make a YouTube video, etc.

Then they had to pick something to talk about and do their presentation over and come up with a question that the presentation would answer about their topic. After they were finished with everything then the student had to create a summary of their whole topic and have it remembered while they presented it to the class on Monday. 

The students all worked diligently to complete their projects and their hard work paid off in the end as all the projects looked spectacular. 

Junior Carmen Aleman answers her project question