Mrs. Fouse’s Furniture Fananza

Mrs. Fouse new furniture exchange.


Carlos Ortiz

Juniors Grayson Cavel and Drew Adamez studying for the English Test.

Carlos Ortiz, Staff Writer

English Honors Teacher Candice Fouse has recently traded furniture with English Teacher Sandra Kelley. The main reason for the exchange was because Mrs. Kelley’s brand new furniture needed proper love and care that Freshman could not deliver.

“It does take up more space in the room, but I think it makes for more opportunities to rearrange groupings as well as provide a more comfortable, professional environment,” Fouse said. “It has been nice to see students collaborating the last few days by just rolling across to the next table over.”

Mrs. Fouse’s classes were overall welcomed and overjoyed by the new furniture. The tables are rectangles instead of circles, meaning that students can have more flexibility for activities. The chairs are much more comfortable than before, more stylish, and have wheels, which allows for easier movement.

“I appreciate how effort is being put into the decor of our classrooms,” Junior Hannah Grimes said. “I enjoy the large amount of table space provided.”