Competitive Crime Scenes


A lot of classes may not provide the freedom that students love when they get assignments. Some of them are restricting and dull, leading students to not be as enthusiastic for their projects. One way to help those creative juices flowing, however, would be a nice, friendly competition.

Officer Brown’s class, Principles of Law and Public Safety, had a recent project that excited the students to no end. They were given the assignment to depict a crime scene in the form of a diorama and were given one week to complete sad project.

Each class was split into two or three groups and had one box provided, along with other supplies, to complete it. The groups could come up with a new crime scene/case or they could recreate an already existing one.

The classes each had one winner, which was judged by other police officers. The winner of every class was a contestant to win the contest overall.

In the end, the winner was a group from Officer Brown’s fifth period class, consisting of a group of 7 students. They came up with a new crime scene, Tracy’s, which was a diner in which the murders occurred.

The students that won earned a prize from Brown herself, a dedicated teacher who loves allowing students to express their creativity and passion for crime.