Students come back from remote learning


Senior Shelbee Linder is working in class after coming back from remote learning.

With the first 9 weeks of school finishing, many kids are coming back to school from remote learning. Students had the choice at the beginning of the year to start school online, and after the first 9 weeks they could come back to school. 

Many students said that they missed the face to face learning and couldn’t wait to come back. 

“I prefer face to face because I’m actually learning and not just relying on the internet,” said senior Shelbee Linder. 

Their school day consisted of waking up and logging straight into google classroom to get started on their work. Now they have to get back into the routine of waking up early and getting ready to come to school. 

“Reiterating my daily routine has been the hardest challenge to overcome,” senior Zahria Smith said. 

Some kids found that doing their classes online ended up being harder than having them in person and others thought they were fairly simple. 

“Certain courses were harder to stay caught up on, however, the overall concept was fairly simple,” Smith said. 

As of November 9th, all students that are still doing remote learning will be coming back to school. The school board felt that it was best for the kids that don’t have a doctor’s note, to come back to face to face learning. There were many factors that went into making this decision, but the main problem was the high failing rate through all of the campuses. 

All the campuses are excited to have the students come back. They will be making sure that everyone is still following the safety precautions so that everyone stays safe.