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2018-2019 Staff

Arabella Spradlin

Staff Writer

Arabella Spradlin is a junior and a first year staffer. She has been in band for the past three years and has also participated in color guard for the last two years. She loves hanging out with friends, going on adventures and expl...

Damion Powe

Staff Writer

Damion is sophomore and a first year staffer. He loves to play basketball with his friends and family. He also enjoys to relax and watch Netflix 24/7. He has many goals for his high school career and hopes to achieve them all.

Juan Martinez

Staff Writer

Juan Martinez is a senior, three year staffer for The Mirror. He is part of hi-stepper manager and counselors aide. After high school, he plans on going to Kilgore College to complete his basics. He enjoys sleeping, watching N...

Jada Franklin

Staff Writer

Jada Franklin is a sophomore and a first year staff writer. She loves eating, sleeping, and watching movies. She loves getting her nails done and she loves to make people happy. She enjoys hanging with her friends and making gre...

Ryan Cartwright

Staff Writer

Ryan Cartwright is a sophomore and a first year staffer. He was born in Dallas, Texas and moved to Kilgore in 2016 after 7th grade. He is not currently in any clubs or organizations. During his free time he likes to play bask...

Teresa Medina

Staff Writer

Teresa Medina is a junior and a second year staffer. She likes binge watching on Netflix while eating spicy chips. Her favorite youtuber is David Dobrik, and favorite artist is Billie Eilish and Amine. She is so excited to be ...

Yesenia Ramirez

Staff Writer

Yesenia Ramirez is a junior and a second year staffer. She is a member of FHLA. She loves to read, draw, travel, explore nature and learn about other cultures around the world. Although she was born in Longview, Texas, she wa...

Lesly Amaro

Staff Writer

Lesly Amaro is a sophomore and first year newspaper staffer. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family. Lesly is also a new member on the Hi-Stepper drill team. Her favorite movie is “Coco” and she’s insepara...

Jasiaha Boaz

Photo and Ad Editor

Jasiaha Boaz is third year staffer and is proud to be an editor. He likes to hangout with his friends and enjoys going to the movies and reading. He plans on going to Sam Houston university to major in criminal justice and take on...

Chloe Hillman

Staff writer

Chloe Hillman is a third year newspaper staffer. She is a member of the varsity tennis team, as well as Art Club. In her spare time she enjoys reading, writing, and most importantly: eating and sleeping. She plans on maybe attending...

Carmen Vazquez

Staff Writer

Carmen Vazquez is a sophomore and a first year staff member. She was born in Mexico and moved here when she was seven years old. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends and she loves to eat. She is a very positive ...

Fatima Amaro

Staff Writer

Fatima Amaro is a senior, third year staff writer and serves as treasurer for The Mirror. She plans on going to college after high school to study business and industry. As soon as she finishes college, she is going to start ...

Mackenzie Proctor

Co-Sports Editor

Mackenzie Proctor is a senior and three year staffer. She is co-sports editor and secretary for The Mirror. She is a trainer for the athletic program and helps with many of the sports, which she enjoys very much. After high s...

Emily Salazar

Managing and Design Editor

Emily Salazar is a senior, three year staffer and a two year editor for The Mirror. She serves as a section leader for the clarinets in the band. She is also an FFA member, a part of Student Council, and NHS. After high school, ...

Chelsea Pierson

Staff Writer

Chelsea is a sophomore and first year staffer. She enjoys eating, sleeping and hanging out with friends on the weekend. Her favorite netflix show is Stranger Things and can watch it over and over again. Chelsea is also a first ...

Faith Jones

Staff writer

Faith Jones is a sophomore and a first year staff writer. She is also a member of the band where she plays flute and has earned a first division at solo and ensemble. She is also a cheer manager, a new member of the Anchor Club...

Olivia Arp

Staff Writer

Olivia is a sophomore and a first year staffer. She twirls for band, shows sheep all year round, stresses over grades constantly, and has joined all sorts of clubs this year. She loves to help people and really enjoys being involve...

Payton Berger

Staff Writer

Payton is a sophomore and first year staffer. She was born in Dodge City, Kansas and moved here when she was five. She enjoys reading, listening to music, and hanging out with friends. She plays volleyball and soccer for the s...

Daniel Sifford

Co-Sports editor

Daniel Sifford is a senior, second year staffer and he is the co editor of the sports page, he is very outgoing, funny, and loud sometimes. He drives a Chrysler 200s with two black stripes on the top of the hood. He plays footb...

Carlie Massey

Copy & Online Editor

Carlie Massey is the name and being happy is the game. Carlie is a junior, second year staffer, copy editor for The Mirror and editor for the online edition of The Mirror. She also serves as vice president for The Mirror and i...

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