March Student of the Month


Addison Wood is Student of the Month for March. Addi is a varsity cheerleader, senior class favorite, homecoming princess, and junior and senior style show participant. Addison has tried to become more social, which was something that she said she used to be terrible with.

“I decided my junior year to work on it, and I’m still working on it, since then I have met so many nice and interesting people to chat with,” Addi said.

Addi loves hearing people’s opinions and thoughts even if they’re different from hers because it helps her relate to and understand more people.

“I think this skill has helped me be chosen for student of the month because people feel that they can vent or just chat with me at any time,” Addi said.

Addi’s proudest moment was when she got to ride in the homecoming parade as a princess. She loved getting to wave at her friends and family and it made her feel special.

“Seeing the whole community come together to support all the duchesses and princesses meant so much to us,” Addi said.

One of Addi’s most memorable moments was her junior prom. She loved dancing with everyone and taking a million pictures. She can’t wait for this year’s prom.

“Getting to dress up and ride in a limo with all of my friends will always be a memory I won’t forget,” Addi said.

Mrs. Tritt has had the biggest impact on Addi. She was the only a teacher for her underclassmen years, and the lessons she taught her lasted all throughout high school.

“I credit her for my love of reading and writing as well as my drive for success,” Addison said.

Cheer is definitely one of Addi’s favorite school activities. She loves
the friendships she has made as a cheerleader, especially with the fishies. She thinks they are sweet girls and can’t wait to continue to watch them grow up.

“Getting to be on the field every Friday night cheering on the football team will always be the highlight of my high school years,” Addi said.

Despite all of her success, she still has faced some challenges during high school. She’s been learning how
to overcome her social anxiety and depression. Going into her junior year is when she started working on those issues by getting on antidepressants and by putting herself in positions that made her talk to more people.

“Many people have a hard time believing I deal with these issues since I seem to be so social and happy most of the time, but it hasn’t always been this way, and as I continue to keep working on it, I find talking to people became easier and my depressive episodes have become less frequent,” Addi said.

Out of all Addi’s teachers, Mr. Neco has taught her the most in Spanish II as well as in life. Mr. Neco always made learning Spanish fun and kept the class engaged with enjoyable projects and a happy spirit.

“We always spent our leftover class time “nerding” out over Star Wars and Marvel. I still visit him every week to talk about Star Wars, Marvel, or the new “The Last of Us,” Addi said.

The one class Addi will miss the most will be Co-ed with Mrs. Nash. She’s enjoyed being with all of her friends and learning fun dances. Her favorite memory in there was when they were learning how to do the Spinning Jenny her junior year.

“Learning this led to many tumbles and falls but every time we just laughed it off and got ready to go again, no matter how many times it failed or someone got hurt, we just kept laughing and continuing,” Addi said.

Addi has made many friends over the years but only some have made
a significant impact in her life. Addi considers her best friends to be Maddi Riley, Isabell Witt, Kaitlyn Porter, and Kynlie Gillispie.

I spend almost all my free time and weekends with at least one or all of them, and they are always making me laugh. I feel so honored to be their best friend,” Addi said.

As much as Addi loves her besties, she could never forget about cat, Bolt. Bolt is about to be 14 years old, and she has had him since she was in Pre-K.

“He’s a bit grouchy but when he wants to be, he is super cuddly and sweet,” Addi said.

Addi plans to attend Kilgore College or Stephen F. Austin for two years before transferring to Texas A&M. She plans to major in psychology with a minor in business and get a job in marketing.

“Both my mom and brother majored in psychology which piqued my interest leading me to also get into psychology, but with a business route,” Addison said.