September Student of The Month


Photo by Chelsey Hess Photography.

Being involved at KHS has been Isabell Witt’s goal since she was a freshman. She has made every effort to join clubs, serve her school, and make new friends. Isabell has also been selected student of the month for September.

Isabell is a varsity cheerleader, varsity volleyball player, senior class president, was vice president of prom committee 2022, 3-year class beauty and a 4-year class favorite.

“Anyone can be a good person and follow the rules but being someone special is going beyond that,” Witt said. “The student of the month is being respectful, a leader, and a dependable person in and out of the classroom.”

Witt is involved in a lot of different organizations: National Honor Society, Health Science Club, Anchor Club, Student Council, Citizens Bank Student Board, and blood drive donor. She has made a really big effort to be involved the most she could be in KHS.

“I wanted to be in so many clubs and organizations because I get to meet new people and be involved in my school,” Witt said. “Being in many clubs also makes your college application stand out from others.”

Witt’s ability to cheer at games and play volleyball all four years has made her high school experience a lot more enjoyable. She has been involved the most she could and it has made her time at Kilgore a time that she’s enjoyed. She enjoys being around them and just doing anything with them.

“We will do anything from watching a movie, to going to Alpine to hit golf balls,” Witt said.

Out of all of Witt’s classes, she will miss Co-ed most of all. She loved to be there and have fun with her friends.

“I am with all my friends and we get to play games and dance,” Witt said. “We also perform in front of people and we have the best dance director, Mrs. (Sara) Nash.”

Witt has made many friends over the course of the last four years.

“I couldn’t choose one best friend but my main girlfriends know who they are, and they will always have my back,” Witt said.

Even though high school has been a great experience, she still fears certain situations about graduating.

“After graduating, I fear I will never see or talk to some of my classmates again,” Witt said.

After high school she plans to attend Texas Tech University to pursue a career in dentistry.

“I want to attend Texas Tech because it is far away, and Texas Tech has a good dental program,” Witt said.

Witt has formed great friendships and enjoyed her time here at KHS.

“I want to always stay close to Class of ‘23,” Witt said.