August Student of The Month

Anai Zarate


Alex Nabor

August Student of The Month Anai Zarate

Very determined when it comes to school, Anai Zarate is a student proud of being a part of National Honor Society. She can also now be proud of being August’s Student of the Month. 

“I’m a very determined person,” Zarate said. “If I want it, I try my hardest to get it.” 

One of her biggest challenges in high school has been not to stress over tests and assignments. High school can get rough, but she always had her dad by her side telling her right from wrong and trying to lead her to the right path.

“My dad influences me a lot,” Zarate said. “He disciplines me, yet is so caring towards my feelings.” 

Having guidance from parents as well as your teachers has proven to be beneficial for Zarate. She did struggle a bit in first grade but her teacher, Mrs. Womack, was there to help her every step of the way and made such a big impact on Zarate.

“My teacher was so patient with me,” Zarate said. “She constantly sat me down to explain certain matters.”

Zarate now strives in all her subjects. She often reminisces on all that she has learned throughout high school. Zarate says her pre cal teacher Mr. Williams taught her the most.

“Mr.Williams, my pre-cal teacher, gave his students the resources to help us pass his class,”  Zarate said.  “He taught in a manner that was understandable and clear.”

As hard as high school can get, Zarate knows she can always rely on her two best friends, Ashley Aguilar and Carmen Aleman. They can always bring a smile to her face and cheer her up

“I adore them both,” Zarate said. “They have the sweetest souls and their energy lights up the room.”

As she made many wonderful memories at Kilgore High School, Zarate says her favorite memories had to be during lunch.

“Lunch during my junior year was iconic,” Zarate said.

Zarate has everything planned out after graduation to the best of her ability.

“I have my plans and Plan B’s for after graduating,” Zarate said.

Zarate plans on attending Kilgore College for her basics then she is still unsure where she’ll go afterward. She will be majoring in computer science to hopefully pursue her career of becoming a software engineer. Staying close to home is a priority for Zarate because it benefits her overall.

“Staying in Kilgore allows me to stay at my house and, in general, has more benefits,” Zarate said.

A lot can change in 10 years, but Zarate can see herself settling down, working from home with at least 3 dogs. Currently, she doesn’t have any pets, but she did have one all through middle school and up to her sophomore year named Rocky. When Zarate has free time she likes to make sure her room is clean.

“It helps me stay productive and  motivated to finish off my day,” Zarate said.

Zarate is very creative. Not only does she put her creativity into redecorating her room, she also puts it into her twirling routines. Zarate has been twirling since the 8th grade. Throughout middle school, she was also in band and she played the flute. Once she entered high school, it didn’t suit her anymore, but Zarate still wanted to be involved somehow, so she joined the twirling line.

“In the beginning, twirling was challenging, but now that I learned the basic tricks it’s really enjoyable,” Zarate said.

Zarate was very excited about receiving Student of the Month her senior year. She’d say it’s her biggest accomplishment out of her four years of high school.

“It was a very unexpected surprise, really,” Zarate said. “It was just a shocker.”

Zarate is happy to say she has made good memories and friendships here at KHS.

“I’ve had it good,” she said.