February Student of the Month


A February Student of the Month was Madison Weaver. She is a Hi-Stepper officer and an all A honor roll student.

“I believe that I am a good student in class and put my all into each class,” Weaver said. “I turn in all of my work, I am quiet and don’t disturb class, and I make good grades,” Weaver said.

Being an involved student has sometimes been a challenge for Weaver. She has had to work hard
to stay on top of her schoolwork and extracurriculars.

“My biggest challenge has been trying to keep my grades up while also having dance practices, work, and church activities all at the same time,” Weaver said.

Despite the challenges it presents her, Weaver believes that her involvement in the Hi-Stepper program has grown her as a person and a student.

“I have grown and gained much more confidence and my time management skills have improved because of all of my activities after school,” Weaver said.

Weaver has a strong support system at home and is very close to her mom.

“My mom is the most influential person in my life,” Weaver said. “She is a very inspirational and motivating person. She supports me in everything I do.”

Hi-Stepper director Sara Nash has been the most impactful teacher to Weaver.

“Mrs. Nash has had the biggest impact on me because I have had her class for four years now, three being on the drill team,” Weaver said. “She has taught me so many life lessons through dance and other times with her personal stories. She has taught me to be persistent, confident, and to express myself.”

Weaver has many close, supportive friends, but she feels that her best friend is her boyfriend, Chase Lewis.

“Chase is there with me through it all and has been by my side for a few years,” Weaver said. “He has always been there for me and he cares for me and loves me.”

Drill Team is Weaver’s favorite extracurricular that she is involved in. “Polishing and teaching dances,

and dancing with my team puts me in a better mood,” Weaver said. “The officers and I get to choreograph and watch each team member grow in their dance ability. It is amazing to experience.”

Dance is a big part of her life in and out of school.

“I am involved in a dance studio that I go to on Wednesday and some Saturdays,” Weaver said. “We work on three competition dances in team and before that we do ballet. It gives me the opportunity to dance with different

people on a smaller team.” Outside of school and dance,

Weaver enjoys working at Kilgore Small Animal Hospital.

“I love working with animals and getting to expand my knowledge in the vet world,” Weaver said. “I continue because it teaches me new things and I get to take care of and spend time with cute animals.”

She has big plans for the future and plans to continue working with animals. The next step for Weaver is college.

“I plan on going to Kilgore College to try out for Rangerettes and finish my basics,” Weaver said. “I then plan to go to A&M because of the great vet school. I plan to major in Veterinary Medicine.”