February Student of the Month


The February Student of the Month was Ashaw Bailey. He is in the NHS, takes honors classes, has participated in the Style Show, and has been a class favorite for two years.

Whenever he has spare time, Bailey enjoys spending time with his family. The most influential person in his life is his mother.

“She has always been hard on me regarding grades, but I look up to her because she has influenced my life in so many ways that make me want to be a better man,” Bailey said.

A guiding thought that he lives by is “Even when people are mean or rude show them kindness.” When life brings him down, he goes to his sister’s house.

“I tell her mainly everything, and I tell her what is happening in my life and she will help me with it,” Bailey said.

One of the biggest challenges he has faced was the time during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It was a hard time for me when I wasn’t able to be with my friends,” he said.

At school, Bailey is involved in several school activities such as orchestra and yearbook. However, his favorite is Bulldog Krew.

“This is an activity that I have made some friends in and it has given me good experiences,” Bailey said.

Bailey has met and made several

friends throughout high school. His best friend is Kaleb Coker.

“We have been friends for over ten years and I wouldn’t change anything,” Bailey said. “ He has been there for me, and he is like a brother to me.”

His most memorable memory of his high school experience occured at a track meet.

“I almost forgot my race, but I made it in time,” Bailey said.

Bailey has had several great teachers; however, Mrs. Tucker stands out the most because she has had the most positive impact on him.

“She is one of the best teachers that I’ve had and one of the kindest people I know,” Bailey said. “She has impacted my life in so may ways that she makes me feel like I can do anything.”

Out of all the classes he has taken, he feels like he has learned the most from PreCalculus.

“I have learned not only math but some life stuff, too,” Bailey said.

What he fears the most about graduating is not being able to see his friends and his favorite teachers. Yearbook is the class that he will miss the most.

“We do a lot of stuff in there and the people there are like family, and we have each other’s backs,” Bailey said.

After graduation, Bailey plans on attending Tarleton State University because it looks appealing to him and

will give him a chance to make new friends. In ten years, he sees himself doing good with his own business.

“I want to major in business because I feel like it would be good for me to experiment, and I would be able to start my own business someday.”

One of his biggest accomplishments in his high school career is being in the top sixty-five people in the class rankings.

“I have been rewarded with a lot of stuff, but the biggest accomplishment I have had was just making someone’s day better,” Bailey said.

Despite all of his accomplishments, what makes him the most proud of his time at KHS is his friends.

“I have friends here that will have my back with anything and at Kilgore High School the time that I spent here will be in my memories forever,” he said.