Model UN 2023

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  • Security Council President Delaney Moses

  • The country of Brazil with their awards

  • Model UN participants at General Assembly

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This week, students from all grades participated in Model UN. This event is a creative, innovative twist on most speaking events that promotes problem-solving and communication. Prior to the event, students or “delegates” are divided into countries. Each delegate then selects a committee and writes a resolution pertaining to his or her country and committee.  Students are sent resolutions of other delegates within their committees and are able to write pros and cons. Once the event arrives, delegates can choose to present their pros and cons in their committee rooms. When delegates speak in their committee rooms, it earns them points and can help their country win the esteemed ‘Best Overall Delegation.’ Below is a list of students’ accomplishments and awards from this year’s event.

Best Overall Speaker in General Assembly: Damian Dominguez

U.N.O.D.C. Committee: Maggie Quine- 3rd place

U.N.I.D.O Committee: Damian Dominguez- 2nd place

W.H.O. Committee: Brynlee Catt- 1st place

F.A.O. Committee: Molly Quine- 2nd place

Security Council: Kylee Hunter- 3rd place

Overall Delegation: Brazil- Maggie Quine, Damian Dominguez, Kylee Hunter, Molly Quine, Brynlee Catt, Xsavier Ortiz (3rd place)

Special Accomplishments: Delaney Moses- President Security Council, Jose Vazquez- Most Impressive Performance