Art Club prepares for 2021 Fall Festival


Rachel Niemeyer

Made by Rachel Niemeyer using Canva

Rachel Niemeyer, Junior Editor

The Art Club is currently preparing for the Fall Festival to take place on October 26th. The club will have a face-painting booth run by junior Rosemary Rodriguez. The festival will be held at the high school from 6-8 PM. The club members and leaders are eager and ready to see the turnout. 

“My favorite part is all of the organizations coming together to help create a community-wide event, so the little kids can participate in something special,” Art teacher Holly Harper said. “Not very many people have come to the school unless their child attends KHS, so it’ll be nice for other ‘Kilgorites’ to visit the school.” 

The club feels it vital for students and the community to show support during events such as these. 

“Community involvement is absolutely vital,” Art I and Sculpture teacher Martha Boyce said. “Anything positive that involves local schools and the community is a big plus for all.” 

This is the first time Kilgore has held this event, but many citizens have gone to Fall Festivals in neighboring towns.

“The Face-painting booths were always my favorite,” Harper said. “I also liked that everyone was dressed up.”  

The Art Club’s face-painting booth has always been a one of the highlights of any school function and a big hit among the students and younger children that visit. The club makes sure that everything is well-prepared and organized before the event. 

“Rosemary will be in charge of making sure she has enough volunteers to help run the booth,” Harper said. “We have face paint that she will designate someone to organize the day before the event.” 

These events are big boosts for clubs and are a great way to show off everything we’ve accomplished so far this year.