‘Into the Woods’ cast list released


Carlie Massey

Freshman Bryan Harter, sophomore James Malick, and sophomore Brooklyn Hall practice their scene before auditions.

The Into the Woods cast was posted on Monday, Sept. 10. Practices began Tuesday, Sept. 11 and will continue until the performances held in November.

“I was so thrilled with how many people showed up to auditions and how well everyone did,” theater teacher Sally Wooddell said. “I am looking forward to working with this cast and crew.”

The announcement of the cast has brought many seniors to realize this is their last year.

“This is my last fall play and I’m not ready to leave just yet,” senior Brandon Fugler said. “People say their senior year always comes faster than they anticipate, and that’s exactly right. I’m not ready to leave this family.”

Those who made the play were not required to be in theater, or have been in the advanced theater class previously.

This is my second year in theater and I love every minute of it. I will miss the performances, friendships, and memories.

— Shania Pierce

A few juniors have been given the opportunity to step up into major roles.

“I just love theater,” junior Cheyanne Jones said. “I’m happy that I have the opportunity to play such a big role.”

All practices are mandatory, which means those involved must work around the practice schedule.

“This is my second play I’ve starred in,” junior Dekavion Hall said. “It really conflicts with my schedule, but you can’t pray for rain and not deal with the mud too, that’s not how it works.”

Actors and actresses from last year are given another chance to improve their techniques and work ethic.

“I’m prepared and I’m going to do a lot better than I did last year,” sophomore Blaine McNeece said. “I will be able to devote all of my time and attention to the play.”

The cast isn’t the only part of a play, there is also a crew that handles all of the ‘behind the scenes magic’.

“I didn’t expect to get a role, but I’m super excited for this opportunity,” freshman Carly Mauldin said. “I’m really interested in productive and I’m really appreciative that I’ve been able to be as involved as I am.”

To view the Into the Woods cast list, view The Mirror’s Twitter page @KHSMirror, or Mrs. Wooddell in room 112.