Cheer, Drill Team starts new tradition to get students more involved


Tacky cheerleaders stand together for the national anthem at the pep rally.

Juan Martinez and Payton Berger

The tradition of dressing up for every home football game has begun this year. Each game has a different theme that relates to the opposing team. The idea came from the cheerleaders and Hi-Steppers in hopes of raising school spirit and to bring everyone together.

“The more students feel a part of something, the more likely the moral of the school will go up and will help unite the school to make it a fun place to be,” Hi-Stepper director, Sara Nash said.

Drill team and cheer team are both trying to collaborate together for more school spirit and to get everyone involved. The students believe this collaboration will help motivate students to have more bulldog pride.

“It makes me happy to see people participating in school dress up days, and it’s fun to see who goes all out,” senior Brannon Russell said.

The students and staff hope to continue this tradition throughout the school year.

“I’m super excited about the level of school spirit everyone has this year. All of the teachers and students are teaming up, and spreading school spirit like I’ve never seen before. I’m very optimistic about this school year,” Captain Saidie Hamblen said.
This Friday the theme is Bait the Bobcats against Hallsville. Wear your best fishing or hunting gear!