Golf begins practice at Meadowbrook Drive


Carlie Massey

Students practice their golf skills.

Golf starts back up this fall with a brand new golf coach, Karl Kilgore. With his new ideas and techniques and consistent practice, he is sure to have the golf team on the right track for the tournament next semester.

“We have a good group of boys and have signed up a good group of girls in order to get things going with both teams,” Kilgore said. “The boys have done a lot of work in a short time in order to improve.”

The golf team is a place for students who have a passion for golf to feel at home, or for students who only want to try a new sport and become involved at KHS.

“My grandparents live on a golf course,” senior Bailee Barton said. “So when I was younger, I would go to golf camp at their house. I have always enjoyed playing, so when I got the opportunity to join the team last year, I couldn’t resist.”

Coach Kilgore has been working hard to help his team, and they are already seeing an improvement in the boys and girls. Students on the team are very excited to see how everything comes together.

“Yes, I see great potential in this upcoming senior class,” senior Jax Brantley said. “If Coach Kilgore stays for the next couple of years and works with the underclassmen, we have a very bright future ahead of this KHS golf program.”

Coach Kilgore believes there are a lot of great things to come for the team.

“My goals for this year are to have a competitive boys and girls golf team and compete for a district title with both of our teams,” Kilgore said. “I feel excited about the possibilities here at KHS.”