Science Club hosts blood drive

Ankit Chahal, Online Editor

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On Thursday Sept. 14, the KHS Science Club held its first Carter Blood Drive of the school year.

Any student 16 or older is eligible to donate blood.

“I want to donate blood because I know by doing so I am helping towards a good cause, and that makes me happy!” senior Rachel Clower said.

These blood drives are held each year to allow students to give blood to those in need.

“Donating blood is a constant need and any contribution will help,” senior blood drive Vice President Anna Vega said. “It helps not only a patient but the donor by reducing the risk of iron overload in the body.”

The Science Club plans on hosting a total of 5 blood drives this year.

“It is the ultimate community service. If you want to touch lives and do something personal for someone that cannot be done by any artificial, mass-produced way, you can give blood,” science club sponsor Lance Homeniuk said..

Science Club members also have the chance to volunteer in the blood drive by helping get students from classes and helping the event run efficiently.

“I like working the blood drive because I feel like I am making a difference,” junior Perla Vazquez said.

See Mr. Homeniuk in room 207 or a Science Club member for additional information about future blood drives.