Seniors: Breakfast & Awards wrap up


Preslie Day

Seniors sing the Alma Mater at the Senior Breakfast.

The senior breakfast was on Friday, May 19, 2023. At the senior breakfast, the Senior Superlatives awards are given out to the seniors. 

Senior superlatives are chosen by the graduating class except for Mr and Miss KHS which is voted on by the student body. If you are chosen for a senior superlative your picture will be featured in the yearbook.

The senior superlatives are:

Best Style-Axel Lira and Mar’Sabrya Fagans

Most School Spirit-Rylan Copeland and Danna Requena

Most Likely to Be President-Jaime Baldazo and Fabiola Vanegas

Biggest Case of Senioritis-Jason Silvey and Addison Wood

Should Have Been Siblings-Isaac Gutierrez and Josue Rosas

Most Likely to Win an Oscar-Bobby Joe King and Lillian Hearon

Best Laugh-Peyton Christian and Olivia Blundell

Most Athletic-Matthew Tyeskie and Summer Hayden-Epps

Life of the Party-Domenic Rosas and Ty’Keria Da-Sheona Uniq Haynes

Biggest Heart- Isaiah Ross and Karabeth Chanler

Most Likely to Survive the Hunger Games-William Aiden Shupak and Annabell Garvin

Old Soul-Bryce Borders and Rachel Niemeyer

Most Likely to be Late to Graduation-Jaysen McCarty and Alana Mumphrey

Best to Bring Home to Parents-Drew Adamez and Mary Katherine Adams

Mr KHS-Sam Clements

Mrs KHS- Maddi Grace Riley

Next the seniors attend an awards assembly.

The faculty awards are given out then, and these awards are awarded by the faculty and staff.

Citizenship- Mary Katherine Adams and Bryce Borders

School Spirt- Danna Requena and Bobby King

Sportsmanship- Kristen Kennel and Matthew Tyeskie

Best All Around- Maddi Grace Riley and Sam Clements

Last the department awards were given out to the seniors:

Architectural Design- Trent McDaniel

Art- Nicolas Rameriz 

Athletic Training- Ta’Lia Holmes

Baseball- Jason Silvey

Boys Soccer- Anthony Salinas

Boys Tennis- Grayson Cavel

Boys track- Matthew Tyeskie

Business- Carlos Ortiz

Cheer- Kylie Offerding

Cross Country – Boys Josue’ Rosas

Cross Country – Girls Danna Requena

Dance- Da’Marion VanZandt

English- Kristen Kennel

ESL- Mariangel Labra Martinez

FFA- Eli Arp

FHLA- Alice Cervantes

Girls Basketball- Summer Hayden-Epps

Girls Soccer- Lesly Herrera

Girls Tennis-Conie Chavarria

Girls Track-Danna Requena

Health Science- Delaney Moses

Hi Stepper-Maddi Grace Riley

Journalism UIL- Jayden Jones

Math-Aiden Lothrop

Media- Logan Weick

Game Design- Carlos Ortiz

National Honor Society- Mary Katherine Adams

Newspaper-Rachel Niemeyer

Orchestra-Axel Lira

PASS – Girl-Skylar Greenberg

PASS – Girl-Kya Luckerson

PASS – Boy-Christian Hill

Science – Girls Kristen Kennel

Science  – Boys- Sam Clements

Social Studies – Girl- Jaylan Parsons

Social Studies – Boy-Jagger Hudman

Softball-Kilynn Higginbotham

Spanish-Trevor Bradshaw

Student Council-Sam Clements

Theater-Olivia Hardin

Yearbook – Girl-Jayci Pyle

Yearbook – Boy-Jaime Baldazo

Yearbook Photographer-Alex Nabor

Voices of Soul- Addi Wood

Volleyball- Jasmine Vasquez

La Bamba-Ceannie Sanchez

Golf- Trent Lopez

Fishing- Noah Parrish

Construction- Lucas Tyson

Welding-Kobe Newlen