“Tee”ming up: Golf wins in tournament season


Caroline Adams

Senior Bobby King on the green.

The Kilgore High School Golf Coach Grant Payne played for the Kilgore golf team when he was in high school. He has coached the Kilgore golf team for two years.

“I really like playing golf and everything that goes with it,” Payne said. “I like working with each student to try to get them to like playing golf and learning as much as possible.”

Many of Payne’s athletes have learned life skills by playing golf and having Payne as a coach.

“My favorite memory is probably my first birdie,” junior Jayden Pyle said. “It was a good feeling and kept me coming back to the game to try and get that same feeling again.”

The golf team is working hard at showing people golf is fun and trying to get more people to join.

“I would like our scores to consistently get better as a team and get more people to play,” Payne said.

Playing on the golf team is not just a sport that you just want to win, you also build friendships and learn life lessons that you can use for the rest of your life.

“Golf has taught me discipline and perseverance, and how to be stronger mentally,” Pyle said.

Being a part of the golf team, you are not just being serious all of the time, you also have the time to have fun and while having fun you actually can learn things.

“When life gives you lemons you take them and squeeze them,” senior Trent Lopez said.

Lopez also says that his favorite memory in golf is “having a good time messing with Jackson.”

The golf team is a great place to build relationships and grow in your sport.

“I have no accomplishments myself individually, but as a team we placed third place,” Lopez said.

Freshman Cason Edney placed first at Alpine.

“My goals are to win more tournaments and have fun this year,” Edney said.