Health Science hosts annual health fair


Juniors Jonathan Gonzales and Hailee Cochrane at their booth at the Health Fair. Staff photo.

On Thursday, January 19, the KHS Health Science students hosted their 2nd Kilgore Health Fair in the KHS Cafeteria from 6-8 p.m. They encouraged the community to join them and get more fit. They had the chance to learn some skills that could help them save a life!

There were a bunch of vendors with booths that attended so the community could get help from them and even learn something new. Some of the booths included:

  • Kilgore Lion’s Club – Vision Screening
  • Kilgore ISD SHAC Committee – School Health Advisory Committee
  • Mercy Manor – a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide a safe and loving environment for individuals facing pregnancy problems.
  • TxDOT – Public information and education on traffic safety
  • Kilgore Police Department – KBAD – School and Police Department partnered together to help keep students drug, alcohol, and tobacco-free. 
  • KHS Law Enforcement Class – information on vaping and fentanyl.

There were also multiple student booths that the KHS students held for the community to learn from. The Health Science students and Cheyenne Kirkpatrick (Coach K) hope to be able to do this every year and help everyone have a better, and healthier life. Some of the student booths included:

  • CPR – the community had the chance to learn how to do compressions in case of an emergency.
  • Phone Emergency ID – people who attended could learn how to set up their phone emergency ID on their phones. 
  • Blood Pressure – anyone could get their blood pressure checked and see if it was at a normal range.