Running to State


Danna Requena and Ruby Alamanza at State

The cross country girls’ team had a good run this season with Danna Requena and Ruby Alamanza making it to state with the help of their coaches Todd BonDurant. This is Danna’s first year going to state and Ruby’s second. This was something very big and exciting for the two.

“I felt so blessed that I was finally going to state, it was one of my biggest goals to reach until I finally did it,” senior Danna Requena said.

Throughout all this excitement, the nerves and and stakes were definitely high for both Danna and Ruby.

“I had mixed emotions knowing I was going to state, I felt both nervous and excited,” sophomore Ruby Alamanza said.

“Knowing that I qualified for state was an excitement I can’t explain, hearing my name makes me realize how far I can go with support and training,” Alamanza said.

Danna is glad to have made it to state at least once throughout all her four years of high school. Making it to state doesn’t come easy nor is it just handed to you.

“I prepared for courses from other meets in order for me to get better times for a chance of going to state,” Requena said.

Preparing for this isn’t easy. Not only does it take lots of hard work, it also takes dedication. This dedication really speaks to Danna and Ruby’s commitment to cross country, hoping to achieve their goals of going to state.

“Preparing for state involved lots of hard work and dedication, as well as lots of after school practices,” Alamanza said.

For both girls, preparing for state wasn’t just doing something physical, they also had to train mentally as well.

“Most importantly, I had to prepare myself mentally for the race,” Alamanza said.

With all the nerves both Danna and Ruby were having, the one thing that made them feel some comfort was knowing that they had each other by their side. Even through the age difference, they have an amazing bond.

  “Ruby has always been by my side,” Danna said. “She and I are the duo. She can always find a way to make me happy, I love being her teammate.”

The teammate love is mutual between the two.

“Having Danna by my side as a friend and as a teammate was a true blessing,” Alamanza said.

“She’s helped me so much throughout this process. Without Danna, I couldn’t have had a good season over all,” Alamanza said.   Not only are the girls proud of themselves but so is their coach. He tried his best to help guide them and keep them motivated.

“It was awesome to see two young ladies work hard and meet their goal,” Todd BonDurant said.

Both Danna and Ruby have given each other more confidence and given lots more motivation along the way.

Danna and Ruby believe that having a core phrase or motivational quote can help when stressful or nervouse times arise. Both girls have quotes they like to go by that keep them motivated.

“When your legs can’t run anymore, run with your heart,” Ruby Alamanza said.

Training for cross country in the off season on her own is how Almanza said she plans for next year.