December Student of the Month

Bryce Borders


Jayden Jones, Co-Editor-In-Chief

He’s a member of the FFA, Student Council, and NHS. He’s devoted to his friends, his family, and his faith. He’s Bryce Borders, December’s student of the month.

“I believe that I can be a pretty funny person at times, and I enjoy being around others and making people happy, Borders said. “I also enjoy helping people.”

Like all people that go through high school, there are always ups and downs. Borders has had his very own share of them as well. Luckily, he’s able to learn from these ups and downs and persevere through them, to make him a better student and person.

“I’d say the biggest challenge throughout my high school career is keeping up with my busy schedule,” Borders said. “I’m a pretty active person involved in a lot of different things, so It can be pretty challenging. The challenge is worth it, though, because it’s taught me a lot about time management, and how to keep up with things.”

Because he works so hard and has developed a great work ethic, Borders is able to truly be proud of his time as a Bulldog.

“I’m most proud of my time at Kilgore High School because of the amount I have been able to achieve and work towards,” Borders said.

People are always going through something whether it be in academics or in their personal life. It’s good to have someone to turn to during those times to be a sense of authority.

“My mom and dad have had the biggest influence in my life,” Borders said. “They’ve always been there for me, supported me, and guided me through life. I’m the young man I am today because of them.”

Along with his parents, there is a teacher that has had a great influence on him.

“I’d say Mrs. Bailey is the teacher that has had the biggest impact on me,” Borders said. “She’s always in a good mood and brightens not only mine, but other people’s days as well.”

The Borders family has been a part of the agriculture life for a very long time, and he enjoys being a part of it as well. It’s a huge part of who he is as a person, and it also guides his interests inside of school.

“I enjoy the FFA the most because of the opportunity it provides me,” Borders said. “I also love that I get to experience different things through FFA some students to don’t get to do.”

Being a part of the great outdoors is one of Borders’ favorite things to do. The soothing breezes and gentle noises of nature are great for his mind.

“My favorite out of school activity is probably spending time in the outdoors,” Borders said. “It’s really refreshing and relaxing and will always be different.”

Borders’ has big plans after high school. Most of his family has attended Texas A&M University, and he’s been visiting College Station for football games and recreation since he was young. He plans on carrying out this family tradition by being a legacy student and attending A&M.

“I love the culture there, and a lot of my family went there,” Borders said. “I really love the Aggie network and opportunities it provides.”

Borders plans on being very prepared for his future endeavors, and plans to ensure himself of a promising career.

“I plan on majoring in construction science,” Borders said. “It gives me the opportunity to have a background in both stem and business. Construction science also opens up a lot of different career opportunities and there’s a lot of money to be made.”

The Borders’ family is very close. They often take family trips together and spend quality time with one another all the time. This closeness leads to Borders’ being close to his family, especially his brother.

“My best friend is my brother,” Borders said. “Although he is at A&M now he’s someone that I look up to and no matter what I know he’ll always be there if I need him. Despite how much we pick on each other, he’s the person I know the best and enjoy being around.”

Due to being a part of many different activities, especially his church’s mission trips, Borders enjoys living by the quote, “get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

“Life is full of new experiences and opportunities, and sometimes the only way to succeed is to take chances and risks,” Borders said. “When we become comfortable with being uncomfortable it allows us to be able to experience new things and grow ourselves.”