New members inducted into NHS


Passing the torch • Juniors Yareli Canchola and Mari Composano light their ceremonial candles before saying the NHS pledge. Photo by Rachel Niemeyer.

Lizett Garcia, Junior Editor

On Monday, Nov. 14, the National Honor Society (NHS) induction ceremony took place. The NHS welcomed 62 new members, the largest group to ever be inducted at KHS.

“I am excited to be part of a new circle and start making new experiences,” senior Aleyda Peña said.

In order to be considered, students had to exhibit not just one, but all of the four pillars of the NHS: character, leadership, scholarship, and service.

“I have always pushed myself and this makes me feel like all my work was worth it,” junior Juan Solano said.

Students then had to commit themselves to completing and turning in the application on time. They had to document any extracurricular activities, leadership positions, community service hours, and write an essay.

“The NHS application process was reasonably manageable for me,” junior Grace Reese said, “I did not struggle because I worked on and

finished mine quickly and early.”

Although some students found the application easy to do, others found certain aspects of it difficult to complete. Several students found the required essay to be the most challenging part of the application.

“Starting the essay was the most difficult part for me, because I couldn’t think of a proper way to start it,” junior Marie Rodriquez said, “Though, after a while the essay got really easy.”

After the submission date, the selection committee began reviewing and analyzing the applications. About a week before the induction ceremony, selected applicants received an acceptance letter in their email.

“I was shocked. I’ve never seen myself as a ‘smart’ kid, but when I got the approval email, I felt really smart,” junior Leslee Martinez said, “I had been hearing about the NHS since I was in middle school and I’ve always known that to make it in would be one of my goals for high school, and now that I have, I’ve never been more proud of myself.”

Some students had no idea what to expect at the induction ceremony while others had a few ideas of what it would be like.

“I honestly expected it to feel somewhat like an award ceremony with everyone dressed well and proud to be there,” junior Malachi Strachan said.

Many of the new members are looking forward to the benefits that come with being a part of the NHS. Some students await being able to serve the community as an NHS member.

“I’m looking forward to doing community services and spending time with the people who are part of NHS plus representing NHS from Kilgore High School,” senior Danna Requena said.

Aside from the educational benefits, students also anticipate the way the NHS will impact them as a person and better prepare them for the future.

“I look forward to being able to hold myself to a higher standard, not just as an individual, but also as a member of the NHS,” junior Cindy Cedillo said.