The Start Of The Girls Basketball Season


As the girls basketball season starts up this year, the girls are very pumped for the start of the season. 

The girls basketball Varsity team played this week November 8, 2022 in the Kilgore High School gym. Although they lost their game the girls have a great attitude and still look forward to the rest of the season.     Some of the girls have some encouraging things to tell their team to motivate them.

“ We need to just fight through and start off strong,” sophomore Phenix Rivers  said.  

The basketball season is not just about the win and loss to these girls, it’s about the fun they have with their teammates. Especially the seniors since this is their last time to play for KHS girls basketball. The team bond that they build with each other will be something that they never forget. On the court or off the court these girls put in so many hours of practice for the sport that they love and you are able to tell they love not only each other but they also love the sport, especially playing it together. 

“I’m looking forward to the positivity and the willingness to work as a team,” Rivers said.

In the KHS girls basketball the girls really look forward to the atmosphere that is built in their sport.