Healthy Or Toxic?


Looking for help • You deserve to be happy. Doing research online can help improve both your mental health and your relationship. There are lots of websites at your fingertips.

If you look at today’s society, most teens are in a relationship of some sort. Your relationship can either help your mental health or destroy it. It’s really in your hands whether it does or not sometimes.

“I am not in a relationship but my last relationship was very draining,” junior Selena Andrade said.

For some people, their relationships are their saving grace. They have that safe space in their relationship. With some people, that relationship is more of a burden.

“It depends on the person. Sometimes it can be too much for them but other times it could really help them out,” sophomore Evelyn Martinez said.

The saying that you probably aren’t going to marry your high school sweetheart can be true, but in some aspects there may not be many

people who marry their high school sweetheart. But, do they enjoy their high school experience or do they stress themselves about a relationship that may not matter in the future?

“I think of my boyfriend as a best friend,” Martinez said. “I can always count on him.”

Not being in a relationship doesn’t mean that your mental health is neither bad nor good. It depends on if you’re with someone that is good for you and boosts your mental health.

Sometimes not being in a relationship is better for your mental health then being in a relationship.

If you are in a relationship and you find yourself struggling with your mental health maybe it is best to leave that relationship for the better.

That does not mean you can never go back to that relationship. Maybe the timing of the relationship just isn’t the best for your mental health now.

“If the relationship is a healthy one, then yes it is healthy for teens

hours of sleep? It has been proven that students mind work best at 10 a.m. Having them wake up at 5 a.m everyday to get ready for school causes them to not focus as much and not be at their best potential. It is an old-fashioned way of thinking when the evidence proves that teens work better later. They are still half asleep at 8 a.m. and have trouble thinking about geometry that early in the morning.

Most articles say it would be best to have school start at 10 a.m and get out later in the day.

Students would be able to pay attention more and not be falling asleep during class. They would be well-rested and not be in a bad mood every morning. It would still be very important for students to go to sleep at an early time to get the minimum 8 hours of sleep.

to be in a relationship,” sophomore Kyleigh Lewis said. “I think it’s important for a teen to have someone they can be themselves with and someone they know they can talk to.”

It is important to have good friends and adult role models in
your family or at school who can give advice. Too often, people in relationships get so wrapped up with their ONE person, that they forget to listen to those who know them and see the relationships from the outside in. Your friends may see things you can’t.

We suggest listening to people you have always been able to trust.
If they say they are worried, they
are probably not trying to ruin your relationship. They are probably trying to help you be happy. If you need help, talk to the school counselors
or a trusted adult. You should not
feel isolated when you are in a relationship. We all need more than just that “one” person in our lives. We need friends and family, too.