Superache or Superflake?


Superache screenshot from Spotify

The American singer Conan Gray came out with his second album called “Superache” back in July. The songs in this album symbolize love, heartbreak, abuse, etc. Although all of the 12 songs on this album are well written and beautifully sung, nothing compares to his debut album “Kid Krow.” This album just felt more like Conan Gray and it has his most popular song, “Heather,” with over 100 million streams. 

Some people may agree with this statement.

According to neha3magesh on Intersect Magazine, “While some of the tracks are lackluster, the tracks that shine are so bright that they overshadow their weaker counterparts. Superache doesn’t compare to Kid Krow, but it holds its own ground as a strong album, and is most definitely an album that will appeal to longtime fans of Gray.”

In conclusion, Superache is a great album, it’s just not the same as his earlier release.