Phlebotomy Phenomenons

Health Science students examine importance of phlebotomy


Rachel Niemeyer

Senior Delaney Moses demonstrating tourniquet technique on Mr. Galvan.

Rachel Niemeyer, Co-Editor-In-Chief


The phlebotomy program taught by Mr. Galvan has two classes and is in session 1st and 2nd periods as a block as well as 7th and 8th. These classes offer clinicals that teach students how to conduct themselves in a professional manner in the medical field and display their anatomical knowledge. Throughout the course of the program, students will be certified in phlebotomy, EKG, and patient care technician. 

“The phlebotomy program is an everyday, constant tool used for many different things,” senior Blanca Torres said. “Phlebotomy will help me in my nursing career as it’s a tool I’ll definitely use for a long time.” 

Many people get their blood drawn weekly, this is very crucial and important for their health.

— Blanca Torres

 Starting in January, students will be visiting the Good Shepherd Hospital. These students are looking forward to the opportunity to acquire and utilize skills that they will need in their future, desired careers. 

“The program gives students a head start into the field, and allows them to graduate with a certification that guarantees a stable job,” senior Kristen Kennel said. “It gives us an opportunity to go straight out of high school with education and experience in the medical field.”