March Employee of the Month

Sherri Hunter


Ali Dunn

Teacher Sherri Hunter

March Employee of the Month is Sherri Hunter. She teaches Law Enforcement and is here for her first year at KHS.

Hunter says the qualities that she thinks she has that allowed her to be selected as the Employee of the Month are that she loves helping students learn about law enforcement, and she hopes that her enthusiasm and passion ignites a student to look at all points of view in different situations.

“I am most proud of my connections with students. I hope they truly know just how much I care for them and their future,” Mrs. Hunter said.

Hunter was involved in extracurriculars and received high honors from her high school in Colony, Texas where she graduated including: being an honors student, playing volleyball, basketball, and track, being a member of NHS, getting straight A’s, and graduating number 11th in her class out of 451 students.

Her most memorable moment of high school was from times she spent with her fellow teammates as they were all very close and had much fun together while involved in sports.

Afterwards at the University of Texas, Hunter earned her bachelor of science in economics degree and a

minor in Spanish. She also worked the night shift in a jail at night while studying during the day in order to pay for tuition.

Hunter says that a quote that she has lived by is: “The world may check for unkindness, but God applauds love. His applause counts.”

Outside of her job here as a teacher Hunter says her other jobs include being a mother and a wife.

Hunter says Christ has been the most influential person in her life.

“He saved me,” Hunter said. “I strive to make Him proud.”

Hunter likes to spend time with her husband and their two children. Her daughter, Kylee, is a freshman and her son, Kiefer, is an 8th grader. She enjoys spin classes and her Peloton bike. She also says her husband is her best friend.

“He is my rock, my confidant and my biggest cheerleader and encourager,” Hunter said.

Her favorite community involvement is to her church, Forest Home Baptist Church, where her family and herself have been for almost 12 years.

“I love helping church members who are elderly,” she said. “I love helping with church events like our Nativity Drive Thru.”

Three interesting facts that not a lot of people may know about Hunter are: she retired from 20 plus years of law enforcement that she is extremely proud of, she’s had double hip replacements in February 2021, and that if she hears music from the Bee Gees, she will immediately start dancing!

Recently Hunter has received another award. She was named The Patterson Chevrolet KISD Outstanding Employee of the Week. As a teacher and person, she loves to be learning.

“It is not a class, but working in a jail while I was in college taught me so much about life. It was full of eye opening experiences that made me mature and understand the real world better,” Hunter said

Hunter’s most influential teacher, she says, was her field training officers at Denton Police Department.

“They gave me a phenomenal foundation of knowledge and safety that helped me have a successful law enforcement career,” Hunter said.