Golf team starts season strong


The Golf team had a tournament in Sabine Wednesday at Tempest Golf Club. They continue to build momentum approaching district.

The team consists of seniors Logan Deeks, Cooper Harrison, Canon Gorman, junior Bobby King, and sophomore Jayden Pyle. Being led by KHS alumni coach Grant Payne, these players are guided in order to perform to the best of their ability during each tournament.

The team placed second in their tournament on Feb. 28 at Alpine Golf Course in Longview where Bobby King also placed first.

With it being King’s first time to place first, he’s said he is just looking forward to winning even more in the future and setting goals for himself to continue to achieve.

“Placing first was nice, but I would rather focus on keeping this up for state,” King said.

Everyone knows that practice makes improvement, including King. He said he knows how important staying consistent is when it comes to a sport.

“I try to practice outside of school

as often as I can when I have the time,” King said.

Sometimes, even the best players need a reason to keep going and remain persistent in their sports’ journey.

“My dad motivates me to try harder in golf,” King said. “He’s the reason I keep pushing myself in the sport.”

King knows what he’s doing when it comes to golf, which is no secret. Even though he is knowledgeable, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any difficulties regarding the sport.

“Learning to hit the ball the same way over and over again is the most difficult thing about golf,” King said. “Consistency is key with it.”

Other students might want to try something different, like golf. Trying new things may sound scary, especially if you have never picked up a club. King has some encouraging advice for students who may want to try out golf.

“They should try it,” King said. “Trying a new sport, or anything new, couldn’t hurt too much.”