Six ways to get rid of, prevent acne


There are a variety of acne products avaliable for low prices at stores like Wal-Mart, CVS, and Walgreens. Photo by Lizett Garcia.

Acne is a common problem faced by many teenagers. Acne occurs when pores become blocked by either bacteria, oil, sweat, or make- up. This build-up causes the pores to become irritated, forming acne. Other common causes of acne include stress, eating too much junk food, or changes in hormones.

Acne can be overwhelming and lower people’s self-esteem, making them feel self-conscious. Although the struggle with acne may seem endless, there are solutions.

1. Keeping a skincare routine

A skincare routine is one of the easiest ways to prevent acne. Washing your face twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, is an example of a basic skincare routine.

You can wash your face with regular soap, or you can use cleansers from brands such as Neutrogena, Clean and Clear, or Aveeno. If you have sensitive skin, finding the right cleanser can be tough. You can use cleansers such as Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, which is great for sensitive skin. Natural soap is also a good option because it doesn’t contain harsh ingredients.

Be sure to moisturize after washing your face. Although applying moisturizer may seem like it will cause more acne, it actually aids in preventing it. If your skin is too dry, your oil glands will produce more oil, which in turn can allow acne to form.

If you don’t have time to wash your face, you can use makeup remover. It will take away any makeup that may block your pores. You can use makeup remover wipes or cleansing water.

2. Pore strips

Besides washing your face, pore strips are another good way to control acne. Pore strips clean and prevent other pores from becoming clogged. There are a variety of pore strips available and some of them are made for specific things such as blackheads or oil control. There are also pore strips for certain parts of your face such as your nose or forehead. Look for pore strips that contain witch hazel or charcoal because these ingredients are very effective when it comes fixing acne. Pore strips are available online and at several pharmacies.

3. Acne stickers or patches

Acne stickers are a great way to get rid of acne. They reduce the size and redness of pimples, and make your skin less irritated. All you need to do is put them on at night, and in the morning your acne will be less visible. Acne stickers can even be worn during the day, just make sure you leave them on for at least six hours. There are different brands of acne stickers, but a great brand of acne stickers are Starface Hydro-Stars available online at

4. Drying Lotion

Drying lotion, as its name implies, dries out acne. Like acne stickers, drying lotion reduces the size of pimples. However, it also heals and prevents the spread of acne. One of the most popular brands of drying lotion is Mario Badescu Drying Lotion available at several online stores.

Drying lotion is applied directly on top of a pimple in a small amount using a Q-tip. It is important to not

shake the bottle of drying lotion.
You can also use rubbing alcohol as an alternative to drying lotion. The rubbing alcohol will have a similar effect to drying lotion because it will dry out acne, but it will also disinfect and get rid of bacteria. However, be sure to only use a little rubbing alcohol because too much of it can irritate the skin.

5. Face masks

Several face masks are made for certain things such as hydrating your skin. However, certain face masks target acne.

When choosing a face mask, be sure to look for keywords such as “exfoliating”, “antibacterial”, or “anti-inflammatory”. A common ingredient used in face masks is tea tree oil or green tea because of their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

6. Over-the-counter treatments

There are several products available at pharmacies that can help treat acne. The most effective acne treatments will contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Both salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide remove excess oil and dead skin cells. However, benzoyl peroxide helps kill acne causing bacteria.

You can find several over-the- counter products including face washes and creams at local stores such as Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, and Brookshires.

If you are still concerned about your acne, you can visit a dermatologist and get a medicated acne treatment made specifically for you.