Carly Mauldin as March Student of the Month


Jayden Jones, Junior Editor

The March student of the month is
Carly Mauldin. She is an ambitious and devoted student when it comes to school and extracurriculars she’s involved in.

“I suppose I’m motivated, and I can be passionate about what I’m involved in,” Mauldin said.

Mauldin has had her fair share of troubles when it comes to high school, just like everyone else.

“I think my biggest challenge in high school has been learning how to slow down and make the most of everything,” Mauldin said. “I feel like I’ve been speeding through the past few school years, so I’ve been trying to work on appreciating what I have when
I have it. Senior year has been so much fun because I’ve learned to appreciate where I am in life.”

Although most seniors have developed a severe case of senioritis, there are always the little things that have made them thankful for being a part of the community in Kilgore.

“Over the past four years I have accomplished many things, but I’m most proud of the ways that I’ve grown as a person,” Mauldin said. “I think that I’m walking away from high school as a better friend and a more motivated person. I’m really grateful for my time at Kilgore High School.”

Along Mauldin’s journey, she has met many people and had many friends. One of those friends happens to be one of the most influential people in her life.

“One of the most inspirational people
in my life is my friend Madison Donovan,” Mauldin said. “I really admire her work ethic. It amazes me how she’s able to accomplish so much and still make time for her friends.”

Mauldin truly enjoys movies and music. They hold a very dear place in her heart, which means she takes what they may say and lives by it.

“I think my favorite move quote is, ‘Be excellent to each other and party on dudes,’ from the movie Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure,’’ Mauldin said. “That’s the stupidest way to say it, but it’s actually good advice, and a great movie.”

Not only is Mauldin a fan of movies and music, but she’s an avid admirer of the arts and tends to partake in such activities.

“Outside of school I really like to watercolor,” Mauldin said. “We learned some of the basics in Art 1, and I liked it so much that I got a set for Christmas last year. I’m still learning, so I’m not the best, but I really enjoy it. Nothing is more relaxing than putting on some music and painting.”

Mauldin is a Co-Editor in Chief for the Mirror and enjoys writing for it. She is even takes part in Journalism UIL.

“I achieved first place in feature writing at the Centex Invitational meet two years in a row,” Mauldin said.

Mauldin has big plans for the future, but the next step for her is college.

“I plan on attending DBU in the fall,” Mauldin said. “It’s a beautiful campus, and

there’s such a great community there. I immediately felt very at home when I toured. I can’t wait to live there!”

Mauldin plans on continuing down this road of creativity once she goes to Dallas Baptist University.

“I want to major in graphic design,” Mauldin said. “I love anything creative, and the little bit of design experience that I’ve gotten from newspaper and my other electives has made me fall in love with it.”

After graduating from DBU, she wishes to have a family of her own and thrive in her community.

“In ten years I hope to be married, living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and working as a graphic designer,” Mauldin said. “I want to live in a cute, aesthetic apartment and be a regular at some small, local venues. I can’t wait to live somewhere with so much live music.”

Mauldin has many friends and admirers in her life.

“It’s impossible for me to pick a
best friend because all my friends are so wonderful,” Mauldin said. “I’m so grateful for Jayden Jones, Madison Donovan, Sara Buchanan, Rachel Neimeyer, and Gracey Crawford. All of these people have made my senior year so much fun. I’m very grateful for my friends.”