Band holds Christmas concert

Ali Dunn, Staff Writer

Monday, Dec.14 was the annual band Christmas concert at First Baptist Church. The band has been working hard on learning their Christmas music the past few weeks in order to make a fantastic performance. 

“Following a year with fewer performance opportunities and many out with illnesses, the band’s biggest improvement this semester has to be the sense of camaraderie and drive for doing something great as a group,” band director Cliffton Walker.

The band played the following pieces:

African Bell Carol by Robert W. Smith

Silent Night arranged by Jim Derrick

Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer arranged by Osterling

Christmas Parade Sequence by Paul Lavender ft. the KHS Drumline

The music was simple and challenging at the same time. Even though the band is very good at what they do, it is still very stressful putting a concert together, especially in only a couple of weeks. Walker was optimistic about their performance, and he knew they would be able to pull it off. They ended the semester on a strong note. 

“In a world of instant gratification, making music is something that takes time, effort and an absolute love for emoting through performance,” Walker said.