Half way across the globe

Junior transfer student attends KHS


Sofia Gomez Hernandez

Junior Kalamkas Adzhikul showing off her homemade Bauyrsak.

Carlos Ortiz, Staff Writer

Junior Kalamkas Adzhikul is a transfer student from Shymkent, Kazakhstan. She is a student here because of the “flex” program that her school offers. As a part of the program, Kalamkas is required to present a presentation about Kazakhstan’s culture and history with a class of her choosing. As part of the presentation, Kalamkas offered the entire class Samsa and Bauyrsak, Kazakhstan staples.

“I chose my second period because all this time I was seeing how students in the class are open to new information and that each of them has an interesting point of view,” Kalamkas said. “I was sure that they would be interested and that they would definitely have good questions about my country and culture.”

After the presentation was over, the entire class played a Kahoot game to recap about the information from the presentation. The winner was promised a special cap from Kazakhstan. Although the true winner was Humanities I & II and Psychology/Sociology teacher Tom Rhoads, he gave the cap to Humanities I & II and Psychology/Sociology teacher Amye Tucker.

“I feel really good being here and studying in Kilgore High School,” Kalamkas said. “Students are really interesting and kind, and I would love to have a lot of friends here and I am already grateful to all that I have now. America is really different from my country and I am happy that I can be here and learn about everything. I am leaving next year so I am trying to enjoy my time here.”